"She will risk everything for her daughter. Clay Benedict may love her but he can't stop her."

What would you do if your child was seriously ill and had no other recourse but to do something illegal? This is one of several serious questions you might ask yourself after reading Clay by Jennifer Blake. Clay is a unique storyline dealing with a mother's love for her child, a man's love for his brother, and the choices they make in order to save a child's life.

Single mother Janna must choose between right and wrong to save the life of her child, Lainey. Lainey needs a life saving kidney transplant, and her mother decides she will force a member of Lainey's father's family to help her daughter, through a less than legitimate means. She's tried going the legal route, but one failure after another has left little time but for a desperate plan. Clay is the man Janna chooses for her victim, and has ties to Lainey's real father. Somewhere along the way, Janna and Clay learn to rely on each other and combine their forces to help save the life of little Lainey.

This story shows what length a mother will go to to protect the life of her daughter, as well as choosing between what is right and wrong. It contains a serious dilemma, but is dealt with well and really leaves you wondering what you'd do in the same situation.

Carol Wilson Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Carol Wilson Carbaugh
Posted February 1, 2002


by Jennifer Blake

MIRA Books
July 1, 2001
ISBN #155166819X
384 pages
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