"A touch of the paranormal, bold fantasy, and humor"

They met on the airwaves, they met in their dreams, little knowing that the answer to what ailed them was right next door.

Alex Simon, botany professor, newly moved from his native England to the lone star state is a fish out of water in more ways than one. Somehow he'd never quite made a relationship work. He was a learned man, a kind man, even a handsome man in a ruffled sort of way. Yet the women in his life from his own mother to his erstwhile ex-fianc´┐Że had wanted to make him into someone completely different.

Oh he had tried to please them for a time, but the adage "to thine own self be true" had won out in the end. He was through with women, he no longer trusted that there was one out there who could love him for the man he was. It was true that he wasn't trendy and had an occasional moment of awkwardness, but was he really that pathetic? Feeling a little foolish Alex confesses his feelings to Dr. Dave, a radio therapist about his concerns. More meaningful than the Dr.'s advise, are the words of the next caller.

Right next door and listening to Dr. Dave, Robin Wise feels a deep sympathy for the unknown caller. She too has a deep seated fear that was having a terrible effect on her life. Overwhelmed by the need to let the caller know that he isn't alone, she calls to sympathize and make a confession of her own.

Robin believes her life is cursed. Four generations of her female ancestors have died tragically between their twenty- ninth and thirtieth birthday. Only two weeks remain before her thirtieth birthday.

Alex takes solace in an adventure series featuring a masked hero on the cover. Robin takes solace in painting a western town, one that she has only seen in her dreams. Interestingly enough the hero of her dreams wears a mask. You guessed it Alex is having the same dreams.

Imagine the shock when these two neighbors finally meet. It is love at first sight, but unbeknownst to Alex, Robin is the girl on the radio as well as the heroine of his dreams. Over the past year the fear of the family curse has paralyzed her. She is unable to even leave the confines of her own yard. Sure that she has little time to live, Robin pushes Alex away, unwilling to see him hurt.

But her rejection does hurt, Robin is the one woman who has cared for him exactly as he is. He isn't ready to give that up. The dreams seem to be trying to tell him something, and Robin's painting is hauntingly familiar. As Robin and Alex While Alex and Robin struggle with their very real problems, "The Gambler" and his lady boldly explore the dream realm for the answers.

A near tragedy pulls all the pieces together. But is love enough to break the curse and free his beloved from her horrible fear, or are she destined only to share his passion in her dreams?

The reader will enjoy the hilarious by-play of the secondary characters who have the best interests of the lovers at heart, but who employ radically different methods to aid them. And you may never look at a butterfly the same way again!

I believe Once Upon a Dream has all the elements for appeal to a wide range of romance readers, a touch of the paranormal, bold fantasy, humor, and characters with an equal measure of strength and vulnerability, and richly deserving of love. This tale will send the reader searching for Ms. Archer's debut paranormal romance novel "Body and Soul" (Love Spell, Sept. 1999).

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 31, 2002


In their nighttime dreams, two very different people who have nothing more in common than a property line--eccentric artist Robin Wise and nerdy scientist Alex Simon--are drawn together to fulfill each other's most seductive fantasies.


Once Upon A Dream
by Jennifer Archer

January 1, 2001
ISBN #050552418X
EAN #9780505524188
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