"Falling in love with Accident-prone Twila is no accident for Del"

The Bells of Omaha were soon to be the Bells of Nevada and the new Bell & Son Emporium. Their trip to Nevada was interrupted by a train robbery and their luggage was gone. Luckily for Twila, she had her bag with her -- but she found she had inadvertently picked up the wrong bag and now must try to contact the Vogels to return the valuable jewelry she has now secreted away.

Del Mitchell had been left at the altar and was not interested in women. But when he saw the new shop owner -- Fletcher Bell berating his accident-prone niece that she was "the family curse! The one and only Hell's Bell."-- He had to step in. After all, it was his horse that crashed through the store's window. Del returns to town a month later to find that the event was exaggerated beyond belief and Twila is now considered a witch. With a little prodding by his best friend, Del goes to straighten things out with her and finds her desperate to leave town. Feeling it is his fault her reputation has been ruined, he ends up proposing elopement for her security and protection.

The story that follows while two strangers work to build a life together as well as fulfill their promises makes an interesting tale mixed with growing love and trust. Del and Twila find who their friends are and that sometimes an instinctive decision can lead to happiness.

If you like romantic westerns with a touch of comedy, you will be glad you read HELL'S BELLE. The setting is typical 1870's and the story centers on relationships and the thoughts and feelings of the main characters and the decisions they must make because of events not in their control

Cy Korte Copyright 2002
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 30, 2002


Del Mitchell is a horse rancher in Wadsworth, Nevada. He's also known as a man who never turns down a dare, no matter how brash or outrageous.

Twila Bell is rumored to be a harbinger of disaster. Town gossips says she's accident-prone, maybe even a spell- casting witch. Her own kin call her the Bell from Hell.

How can a man famous for taking reckless dares resist the temptation of pursuing romance with a girl like Twila Bell? And how could either of them guess their fateful meeting might presage the greatest luck of all?


Hell's Belle
by Shannah Biondine

Puff Adder Books
September 1, 2001
ISBN #1904030211
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