"fast paced story of magic & mystery"

Michaela is a young woman suffering from a brain aneurysm who wants one last adventure before her death. She chooses a vacation to Scotland, hoping to get a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. Instead she finds two brothers, Alan and Hyatt, who have a long and close connection with "Nessie." During her stay in Scotland, Michaela and Alan begin to fall in love, something Michaela does not want since she does not have much longer to live. But when several gruesome murders occur in the small village where she is staying, Michaela, Alan and Hyatt have to work together to catch a killer. And all the evidence points to the Loch Ness Monster as the killer.

This was a very good reinterpretation of the Loch Ness Monster story. I had never come across one before and this was a pleasant surprise. The characters are very well written and the story is fast paced right from the beginning. Also, the mystery part of the story is very good. I thought I knew who the "mystery shifter" was and it was a pretty big surprise when it was revealed. I thought I had it figured out about half way through, then found out I was totally wrong with the reveal. I am hoping this is the beginning of a series because there are several other characters besides Michaela and Alan who deserve a happy ending.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted July 19, 2012


Michaela Grant travels to Scotland for a holiday, knowing this vacation is her last. A medical condition threatens her life and any chance of a futureóuntil she meets Alan MacLachlin, a man forced to exist between two worlds.

Alan is the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Once every fifty years he returns to human form in search of his soul mate, the one woman who can break his curse. He believes he has found forever with Michaela, but to claim it he must figure out how to save her life.

Michaela and Alan vow to take what time has to offer, but another threat looms. A sinister shape shifter with a vendetta against Alan is making Loch Ness his personal hunting ground. Now heís threatening Michaela. Alan must discover who the shifter is and stop him before itís too late.

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Magic of the Loch
by Karen Michelle Nutt

Wild Rose Press
July 1, 2012
Available: July 15, 2012
ISBN #161217292X
EAN #9781612172927
372 pages
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