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This novella is an installment of the Wolfsblood series. In this story, we meet Xander who is half vampire-half werewolf. Xander is controlled mostly by his vampire side and is a "love em and leave em" kind of wolf. He has no need or desire to have a lifemate, but his wolf side has other plans.

Luna, the only Snow Wolf who is able to shift completely is a kind, protective wolf. She is flirty and Xander is immediately drawn to her. She knows she is his lifemate, but Xander will only bed her due to his basic, primal needs. Left alone and heartbroken, Luna finds herself in the middle of a fight to save an innocent cub's life. Xander stumbles upon her fighting alongside other members of the Lionsblood clan and he is not happy. What is this internal stirring feeling he is experiencing? It cannot be jealousy. He has no reason to be jealous. After all, he is a loner. Maybe Xander has finally met his match and Luna is the one to show him the error of his former ways.

For being a short story, I enjoyed this book. It left me wanting to know more about the Lionsblood clan. I'd love to know what happens to Xander and Luna and the cub she fought so valiantly for. Wolfsblood: Snow Wolf is a must have for everyone's (18+) Paranormal TBR pile.

Reviewed by Stacey Siferd
Posted January 1, 2012


Xander needed no one, least of all a mate. The woman was a menace to his solitude, calling to the Vampire within and daring him to take her. Instinct wouldn't allow him NOT to hunt her, especially with another male sniffing around what was his by right.

The female in Luna recognized her mate immediately, even if he was too much of a male to realize it himself. Knowing he would fight the attraction, she decided to wait and let Fate take its course. What is meant to be cannot be denied.

But in the end, leaving may be the only thing that will save the forever Luna feels in Xander's arms...

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Wolfsblood: Snow Wolf
(Wolfsblood: Book 1)
by Marteeka Karland

Changeling Press
December 1, 2011
Available: December 16, 2011
ISBN #1605217506
EAN #9781605217505
32 pages
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