"what happens when the Boys of Summer return to real life?"

In Taking You Home we find out what happens when Max and Hunter from Boys of Summer return to real life. In the first story the guys thought the largest obstacle they faced was Hunter's fear of coming out but as they move forward in their relationship they find that there are other, deeper secrets to overcome.

I didn't feel there was anything left hanging at the end of book one but was thrilled when I saw the second book, Taking You Home. I loved seeing how Hunter coped with the reality of being an out gay man and seeing a bit more of Max's life. In the first book Max appears to be very in control and easy in his life but in this sequel we find that all is not as it seems. Whether you like short and hot, or longer and with a little more angst Boys of Summer and Taking You Home can be read and enjoyed individually. It would be a shame to experience one without the other though, as together they form a wonderful journey.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted January 1, 2012


The man on his arm isn’t nearly as scary as the man in the mirror.

Hunter Willis’s “Guy Town” passport was stamped and in as good working order as his Harley. Like a good Midwestern jock, he’d ride that manly machine to his construction job every day, even throw back a few beers with the boys. Hockey and baseball filled out his single-dude weekends.

Then, summer heat worked its magic, and he fell in love with his best friend, sexy stockbroker Maxwell Daniels. The Harley is still in the garage, but the man is definitely—and lustily—out of the closet. As in tearing the door off its hinges.

Now that Hunter’s in love, he’s in all the way. Even proposed—and Max has accepted. But before their dream wedding in Vermont next spring, they must face the greatest danger to their perfect love.

Meeting the family.

It’s not just enduring the Daniels clan’s magnifying glass. It’s facing the deep, dark fears and secrets that are suddenly brought into sharp focus. Forcing them to decide if theirs is only a summer fling…or a love that can flourish even in the chill of winter.

This novel contains one hero’s deep love for a bread machine, wedding day jitters, erotic cross-dressing—and absolutely zero bridezillas.

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Taking You Home
by Cooper Davis

Samhain Publishing
January 1, 2011
Available: January 4, 2011
ISBN #160928321X
EAN #9781609283216
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