"...a hot, quick read from Missy Welsh"

Sergeant Horatio Muir is an observer in a project to create the perfect soldier. Through the months of watching he has fallen for the man he calls Kelty but illness threatens the soldier's life. Can Muir give Kelty what he needs to survive without breaking his own heart?

KLT23 is a hot, quick read from Missy Welsh. Though very short the author still manages to infuse her characters with personality and tell a complete story. I was happy with what was there but if Missy Welsh decided to give us more of these characters then I'd love to read them.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted December 31, 2011


Sergeant Horatio Muir has fallen hard for the genetically-engineered super-soldier hefs been assigned to observe for the past several months. Now, when Kelty's life hinges on the scientists who made him finding a cure for the illness slowly killing him, Muir might just be exactly what Kelty needs. Muirfs willing to sacrifice anything to save his man, including his heart, but will it be enough?

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(Got 10 Minutes? series)
by Missy Welsh

MLR Press
January 1, 2011
Available: January 1, 2011
ISBN #160820295X
EAN #9781608202959
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