"heart rending and ultimately, uplifting"

Michael Stricker is still saying goodbye to his partner when someone new comes into his life. He knows that he could grow to care for, probably even love, Alan Stuart. But it's far too soon for love. Alan has to get to grips with the death of Phillip before he can even think of getting involved with someone else. He needs to learn to take care for himself again. To live as an independent blind man without the well-meaning interference of friends or family. Alan is also fighting the attraction between them. He knows Michael is still struggling with his grief but he also knows that Michael's partner had secrets. His gut tells him that Michael should know but he can't bear to cause him any more pain. The two men vow to keep their distance, despite the love that pulls them together.

Too Soon For Love was truly an emotional journey. You couldn't help but be caught up in Michael's grief and confusion as he finds himself struggling with the death of his partner and his reluctant attraction to Alan. Kimberly Gardner challenged my feelings over the question "How soon is too soon?" The answer, I suppose depends on the individuals involved. I found the two men's battle with their feelings heart rending and ultimately, uplifting.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted December 31, 2011


Michael Stricker is still reeling from his partner\'s sudden and untimely death when he meets someone new, someone he could really care about. But first he needs time, time to get his life back in order and time to get over is lost love. But learning to live alone again is nearly impossible with his well-meaning relatives treating him like a poor helpless blind guy.

When Alan Stuart befriends Phillip DiMartino\'s grieving partner, the last thing he expects is to discover hidden lies and infidelity. Guilty over his attraction to the still-grieving man, Alan resolves to stay silent. But the truth has a way of coming out, and soon a dead man\'s secrets bring about more heartbreak than Alan could have imagined.

Although both men vow to keep their distance, staying away is easier said than done, even when it\'s Too Soon For Love.

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Too Soon For Love
by Kimberly Gardner

MLR Press
February 1, 2011
Available: February 1, 2011
ISBN #160820300X
EAN #9781608203000
328 pages
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