"What a way to end the series!"

Now with 562—the origin of all were-creatures and vampires and other supernaturnal beings—mentally broken after he/she went on a rampage, emotions are running pretty strong in GBVille. Other asylums have also fallen. The day might actually come when monsters no longer have to hide. With Mariah having exchanged blood with 562, the other monsters in GBVille are treating her almost like a god. After all, she takes on the same appearance during the full moon. The vampires and were-creatures took 562 away from GBVille to a safe location to keep her/him safe from the civils. For a time, everything is going smoothly. Then the vampires decide to have a party and Mariah is drawn to the music and dancing. When the Oldster sees what's about to happen—the vampires are all calling for Mariah's blood—he spirits her away. Now that the younger vampires are all amped up, there's bound to be trouble and sure enough, they end up killing a civil. With Gabriel being the prime suspect, he decides to run and takes Mariah with him.

Once again, Mariah is running away. This time, she's running to deal with her past as they head to Dallas. Not surprisingly, they go to Mariah's old home and she ends up confronting the very werewolf who made her what she is.

What will happen when Mariah confronts her maker? How will she deal with all the feelings brought on by her attack? Will Mariah and Gabriel be able to go back to GBVille? Will they be welcome if they do? What will happen to 562? And most importantly, what will happen to the bond between Gabriel and Mariah when Gabriel matures as a vampire? Will Chaplin ever forgive Mariah? And don't forget Stamp. What will happen with him?

IN BLOOD WE TRUST (A NOVEL OF THE BLOODLANDS) gives us a satisfying conclusion to the BLOODLANDS novels. Christine Cody seamlessly wisks us right back into Mariah's world and the asylum. This story is action packed from the very first page until the very last. While the ending may not have been everything I hoped for, it was the only way the story could have ended between Mariah and Gabriel. Very sad and yes, I did shed some tears. All in all, this is a great series with a bit of everything from romance to action and all kinds of different were-creatures. I very highly recommend this entire series of books.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 20, 2011


They are monsters: Mariah, the reluctant rebel who has become a god to others of her kind, and Gabriel, the vampire, who loves her at his own peril.

They have returned to the Bloodlands, where their story began-to face the horrors of Mariah's past and the uncertainties of Gabriel's future- and to make a final stand, for their lives-and their love.


In Blood We Trust
(A Novel of the Bloodlands: Book 3)
by Christine Cody

Ace Books
September 1, 2011
Available: September 27, 2011
ISBN #0441020879
EAN #9780441020874
304 pages
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