"A childhood haunting"

Ever since Murray Thompson was a child, he has been petrified of the boogedyman. Even now as an adult, Murray is deathly afraid that the boogedyman is out to get him and those he loves. Murray seeks help from Dr. Rosen, his psychiatrist, to try and break through his phobia. After all these years, Murray feels as if he has gotten worse instead of better. He decides to move back home, where the root of his problem first began, in hopes of finding comfort in his family and possibly overcoming his fear of the boogedyman once and for all. Once surrounded by his family, Murray begins to feel better. However, when the nightmares eventually return, he once again relies on Dr. Rosen to help him face his fears. The question is: does the boogedyman really exist, or is it all in his head?

THE BOOGEDYMAN is a mind bender. The author did a really good job at making the reader think throughout the story, especially at the end. Although the story begins slow, it picked up towards the end; however, the slow pace in the beginning added to the climax of the story. The author threw the reader for a twist, one that I definitely did not expect.

THE BOOGEDYMAN had great potential to be a longer novel, and I would have liked to have seen it that way. But as it was it kept me thinking even after the story ended. The twist in the story makes you want to go back and reread the entire book.

Reviewed by Lori Golonka
Posted September 17, 2011


What if the Boogeyman was real?

Plagued by horrific boogeyman nightmares since childhood, Murray Thompson is deathly afraid of the things that he thinks “go bump in the night”. The one thing that keeps him grounded is his psychiatrist of many years, Dr. Rosen. With regular visits since he was 11 years old, Murray feels progress should have been made already, but with his dreams becoming more intense and “real”, he thinks something needs to be done. Going to see his family, Murray believes that this is the break he needs to keep sane. Feeling at home, and safe around his family, it works for a time. But when the nightmares start up again, he once more relies on Dr. Rosen for help. Once back, Dr. Rosen takes Murray on a journey to root out his longtime phobia and find out if there is cause for his fear or all in his mind.

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The Boogedyman
by A P Miller

MuseItUp Publishing
October 1, 2011
Available: October 28, 2011
ISBN #1927085357
EAN #9781927085356
72 pages
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