"Even better than the first!"

After the confrontation with Stamp, Mariah's group of were- creatures and Gabriel knew they needed to move on and find somewhere else to live. Now moved into their new home, everything is in jeopardy once again when Mariah becomes upset and runs outside. Knowing she should not have allowed her nature to get the better of her, Mariah accepts responsibility for putting the group in danger and takes Chaplin's suggestion of trying to find a cure. Even though Chaplin wants to accompany her, Mariah refuses to allow it. After all, dogs are pretty rare now and Chaplin will stand out. With any luck at all, Mariah will be able to find out something before the full moon. Of course, she doesn't go alone. Against his better judgment and because of their bond, Gabriel goes with her. So the two of them leave, using their special abilities to run at night and find somewhere to sleep during the day.

Not that things remain calm with the rest of Mariah's band, for Stamp has not given up on finding them and killing them all, especially Gabriel. Unfortunately for Stamp, he now has a limp and gears in his leg so he can't move the way he once did. At least he has Mags with him and slowly but surely, he's been training her in the ways of a Shredder. They've even found the new hideout for the scrubs and so the two of them head there. They manage to kill one of the were-creatures, but the other three escape, along with the Intel dog.

Since Stamp found them and somehow killed Sammy, Hannah, Pucci and the Oldster, along with Chaplin, are on Mariah and Gabriel's trail. They manage to catch up with Mariah and Gabriel in the outskirts of GBVille and they have someone with them. Seems Mariah and Gabriel had an adventure or two on the way to GBVille. The person with them is Taraline, one of the so-called walking dead because of the disease she has, who is also hoping for a cure. They need to find a way to get into the asylum and find out if there really is a cure for them or not.

Will they be able to get in the asylum? Is there a cure? Will they be able to regain their humanity? Will Gabriel and Mariah ever be close again?

BLOOD RULES (A NOVEL OF THE BLOODLANDS) is even more exciting than the first of the series. Christine Cody once again skillfully takes us into the apocalyptic world she has created filled with vampires, many different kinds of were-creatures and those who hunt them. Christine Cody's worldbuilding skills are fantastic. She gives us enough information to never get lost in the story, but never so much that it becomes overwhelming or confusing. And if you thought the ending of BLOODLANDS was a shocker, wait until you read this one. Absolutely fantastic with a twist I sure didn't see coming. If you're in the mood for something that never bogs down and will keep you turning pages, read this series. It will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 17, 2011


In the Bloodlands, Sometimes the Monsters Don’t Even Know Themselves….

After the vampire named Gabriel came into her world, Mariah Lyander was forced to face her own true nature and admit to the terrible things she had done--things he could not forgive.

To redeem herself, to recover her own humanity--and Gabriel's love--she sets out on a perilous journey across the haunted land, in search of a rumored cure. And Gabriel, blood-bonded to her, is compelled to follow.

Together--yet not together--they will face danger and death. And what they find is not a place where monsters can be cured—but one where they are born…


Blood Rules
(A Novel of the Bloodlands: Book 2)
by Christine Cody

Ace Books
September 1, 2011
Available: August 30, 2011
ISBN #0441020763
EAN #9780441020768
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