"When Captain Alena Hyde is captured by an alien, she\'s not sure she wants to be rescued."

Captain Alena Hyde is on a mission of mercy to Serak V when a solar storm forces her ship to make a crash landing on the planet. The survivors of the plague on Serak V have their own ideas on how to repopulate their world. They claim the women of the ship for their own. Alena is going to take part in her mission of mercy in a way she never expected. In a way that she doesn't want to.

Breeders is a short novella by India Masters. We know that we're firmly in a science fiction world when the leader of Serak V, Commander Griel Ruzak, reveals himself to Alena. He's chosen her for his own, and he sets about claiming her with his two penises. Alena protests that she wants nothing to do with him, but his strength and raw sexuality awaken emotions in the woman that she didn't know she had. She tries to resist Ruzak, but his masculinity may prove too much for her better judgment.

I'm not sure if Breeders will be to everyone's taste. The sex scenes are very detailed -- they almost have to be, given the unique physiology of the men of Serak V. The story is definitely an out of the ordinary abduction fantasy, centering on whether Alena will stick to her high principles or give into the desires that Ruzak awakens in her.

The issue of consent is a little on the fuzzy side. But for people who don't mind some dominance in their fantasies, Breeders presents a very imaginative world with a very erotic alpha male not afraid to take what he wants and claim her for his own.

Reviewed by Donald Uitvlugt
Posted September 17, 2011


Alena Hyde is on a mission to deliver badly needed humanitarian aid to the people of Serak V.

Commander Griel Ruzak can’t believe his eyes when the beautiful Captain Hyde hails him, requesting permission to land. She is an answer to their prayers. Not only does she bring much needed medical aid, she and her crew offer the men of Serak the means to repopulate a planet devastated by a disease that killed their women.

To Alena’s shock and dismay, she wakes from a crash landing to find herself naked and trussed like a chicken. Ruzak makes his intentions clear. All the women traveling with her will become breeders for his men. She, he informs her, will be his. While she’s still bound, he uses his two cocks to pleasure her in ways she never imagined.

Author\'s Note: This short story contains content that may be objectionable to some readers.

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by India Masters

Ellora's Cave
March 1, 2011
Available: March 15, 2011
ISBN #1419933353
EAN #9781419933356
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