"Sexy Cowboy Ménage à trois"

Mason is a rancher struggling to keep his ranch afloat by himself after being in debt due to his mother's illness and death. His high school friend, Leslie keeps an eye on him and helps him when she can, and when Mason accepts it. Mason is still bitter and upset at their friend Nick who left twelve years ago, just as they were beginning to come out and start their relationship. When Leslie informs Mason that Nick has come back to town, she lets some information go regarding why Nick had to leave Mason, and why he stayed away. When the three friends reunite, old secrets and feelings are revealed. While Mason, Nick and Leslie try to work on their relationships together, a secret deal going on with Nick's father's ranch could destroy the trio forever.

This story was real cute. I like the way the characters interacted with each other and I love the author's writing style, there is just the right amount of description without making the story too wordy. There have been many stories I have read where there are some characters and scenes that I am not sure why they are there, but the characters and incidents in this story are perfect and flow smoothly from beginning to end. Mason, Nick and Leslie have good chemistry and work well together, but I am not sure if I like Leslie that much. In parts she seems a very strong woman, then when she is around Mason and Nick, acts a little weak and a little too much crying. But she may be like that from the stresses of her life and feels she can relax a little when she is with them. Overall, this is s great short story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the menage stories. This book is exciting and I will definitely read more from this author.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted August 12, 2011


Mason Kane never expected to see his best friend, Nick Bowden, again after he abandoned their new found love twelve years earlier. While Mason can’t deny he still has feelings for Nick, he is worried his heart will get broken again.

Leslie Morgan, Mason’s long-time friend, knows the true reason Nick was driven away all those years ago and thinks Mason should give him another chance. While Mason tries to work through his anger and forgive Nick, he’s amazed to find he’s fallen in love with Leslie. Can Mason, Nick, and Leslie find a way to be friends…and lovers?

Warning: Two sexy cowboys + one stunning cowgirl = one hot read that will make your blood pressure soar and your body temperature skyrocket. Prepare to go on one intense, mind blowing, fever-inducing ride. M/M sexual situations.

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Breaking The Cowboy
by S. K. Yule

Amira Press
January 1, 2011
Available: January 1, 2011
ISBN #1936279924
EAN #9781936279920
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