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In ancient Rome, twelve young girls were chosen to serve the goddess Vesta. Six of the girls became Vestal Virgins, the other six became Vestal Companions, and they were each given an opal. But eventually, the people became tired of the ancient gods and destroyed the temples. The twelve girls were saved by the goddess Vesta and became Ephemerals, immortal beings who can enter the bodies of men and women to conduct their business. However, their opals were lost in the destruction. After 1500 years, most of the Vestal Virgins and Companions have been imprisoned. The Vestal Virgin Silvia is determined to free them but she needs to find the missing opals first. The only one who can help her is Lord Bastian Satyr, who is excavating the ruins of the temple and has his own reasons for finding the opals. By inserting herself into his life, she runs the risk of losing her innocence, and her heart.

This book was AWESOME!!! If I could capitalize more letters I would. This was the first book I read from this author and after reading it, I bought the rest of her books. The characters and storyline will make you laugh and cry, and the book is so sexy, I think Elizabeth Amber is my new favorite author. Sometimes when I read a story, there are parts where it gets a little boring, or it is slow to start, but not this one. The story was interesting from the very beginning and, if I did not have to get up early the next day, I would have stayed up late to read it all in one sitting. The writing is not overly descriptive and the story and history keeps you interested. Frequently I donate my books after I read them, but not this one. This will stay on my bookshelf and I will definitely read it again in the near future.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted July 9, 2011


Man-gods born to live and love forever, the Lords of Satyr are renowned for their sexual prowess…and unquenchable lust…

Call My Name

The forum excavations in Rome go on, directed by the iron-willed, charismatic Lord Bastian Satyr. Out of nowhere, a mysterious, haunting voice calls out to him…and lures him to the site of a long-vanished temple, where vestal virgins once performed rites of erotic surrender. The temple is the find of his career, but his heart is about to face the unknown…

Michaela is a pure Ephemeral. She can enter the bodies of others—and become any woman a man might wish to possess. His choice is her pleasure. And the commanding and utterly virile Bastian is the only man she desires…


(Lords of Satyr: Book 6)
by Elizabeth Amber

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
April 1, 2011
Available: April 26, 2011
ISBN #0758241305
EAN #9780758241306
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