"Fantastic conclusion to the Vampire Babylon series!"

Now in possession of one of the Masters of the London Underground, Dawn and team are licking their wounds. It ended up being a much more terrible battle than what they had anticipated, but at least they captured one of the MastersóClaudius, who has been posing as Claudia for Mihas, the other Master of the London Underground. The thing Dawnó and the rest of her group of huntersówants to know is if the London Underground is sheltering the Dragon. Unfortunately, even Costin hasn't been able to find that out, even with using the bond all Masters share. So even though Costin has forbidden the team from going in the lab where Claudius/Claudia is being held, Dawn decides to question him. In the middle of it, Costin walks in and manages to get something from the captive Master. After getting some of Dawn's blood to fortify himself, Costin/Jonah tells Dawn he is leaving to take out the Underground and the team is not to follow him before sunset, nor is she to tell them he has left.

While Jonah/Costin and some of the Friends are gone, Dawn the rest of the team are visited by the schoolgirls they battled before. Once again, it's a terrible battle and Dawn the team end up retreating to their secondary headquarters.

What happened to Costin? Was he captured? Is he alive? Will he have the chance to kill the Dragon and earn his eternal rest? Will Dawn be able to let him go? And how is Dawn "key" to killing the Dragon?

DEEP IN THE WOODS is the best of the VAMPIRE BABYLON series. Chris Marie Green has really outdone herself with this one. The amount of emotion packed into this final story in the series is amazing. Dawn is going through more in this book than any other. She is forced to look at her relationship with Costin and the amount of guilt she's feeling since he's been stuck in Jonah's vampire body. She's also forced to deal with Jonah. All the feelings of abandonment with her mother and father. Of course, Dawn has a lot of anger inside her and that's the one thing she's forced to deal with the most. Can she control it, or does it control her? The ending is just perfect. Have to admit, I love this series and I wish it wouldn't end. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted July 9, 2011


With the female master of the London Underground in her hands, stuntwoman-turned vampire hunter Dawn Madison must fight off her followers, a vicious pack of undead teenage girls who put the vamps Dawn had to deal with in Hollywood to shame.

But Dawn must wring all the information she can out of her captive. For Costin her boss and sometime lover has disappeared into the labyrinth under the girls school to pursue the male master of the nest. Every moment counts as Dawn and her team race to save him, not only from the threat of death but from the more terrible danger that he might succumb to his own vampiric nature and be lost to them all forever.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Deep In the Woods
(Vampire Babylon: Book 6)
by Chris Marie Green

Ace Books
March 1, 2010
Available: March 2, 2010
ISBN #0441018203
EAN #9780441018208
320 pages
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