"Sexy Romance with a Daemon Hunter"

Geneva is an artist who, after a break up with her creep of a boyfriend, is renting a cabin in the woods in order to get away from everything and to work on some sketches peacefully. After a hike in the woods one late afternoon, she finds herself lost and darkness quickly approaching. Trying to find her way to the cabin, she stumbles upon a dead body and comes across the path of something that she is not sure is human. She is able to escape and, when she reaches the cabin, finds a weakened man named Alek on her porch. Alek is an Enforcer, hunting daemons around the world who are too dangerous to live. Geneva takes Alek in to recuperate and in doing so, risks her life to help Alek in his mission: to kill a rabid daemon who has his sights set on Geneva.

This story was a good read. I have read several stories from this author and have liked them all. I usually like the heroine in the story more than the hero, but this time I liked the character of Alek more than Geneva. Not to give away too much of spoilers, but Geneva seems a little dumb, either that or she is too hardheaded because she does not listen to much of Alek's warnings and puts herself in danger. Overall, I loved the story and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted July 3, 2011


Geneva Phillips life changes forever when she embarks on a weekend in the Arizona White Mountains to soothe her broken heart. Geneva never realized offering an injured man refuge from a raging storm would plunge her into a dangerous and sensual world. When a bloodthirsty daemon targets Geneva as his next kill, she must rely on the mysterious stranger to keep her alive.

Alek Savakis is an Enforcer for the Brethren of Stone Daggers. His mission is to destroy a rabid daemon loose in the area. His one intent is to kill the daemon and move on, the last thing he needs, or wants, is to find himself stranded with a woman who drives him mad with the need to possess her. As their dark enemy continues to feed on the innocent ones Geneva fears Alek will go to any length to protect mortals even if it means sacrificing her to the daemon.

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Her Last Kiss
(Stone Dagger: Book 1)
by Jenna Storm

Wicked Ink Press
January 1, 2011
Available: January 19, 2011
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