"Moving and Emotional Vampire Romance"

Elisa, the young maid of Lady Daniela, is the protector of six violent "child" vampires, vampires that should not have been made and are given one more chance at as normal a life as can be. After a series of horrifying events, Elisa, damaged physically and mentally, is sent with the young vampires to Malachi, a Native American vampire who has dedicated his life to rehabilitating big cats. Lady Daniela believes Malachi is the only one who can tell if the young vampires can be allowed to survive, or if they must be destroyed. Elisa is there to give background on the young vampires, and, Lady Daniela hopes, to mend her broken heart. Malachi has his own scars and, with the help of the staff and his cats, Malachi and Elisa are drawn to each other in the hopes that together, they can heal themselves. But in order to be together, they will have to overcome past and future events, including more heartbreak and cruelty.

I LOVED this book. This book is so sexy and emotional. The author writes beautifully and she makes you feel for the characters so much. I was crying in several parts of this book, Elisa and Malachi both have damaged souls and they are perfect together. Elisa is a strong character and, while sometimes she can be emotionally frail, still has a strong heart and wants to please and be of help to everyone. Malachi is a brooding vampire, he seems to be most comfortable around his cats, and does not know what to make of his feelings toward Elisa. Some of the characters in this novel first appear in a previous book, Vampire's Claim, but this can be read as a stand alone novel. Most of the previous events mentioned in this novel occur after the story in Vampire's Claim, and there is enough explanation and background on the characters to not have to read the previous story. But as for me, this is the first book in the series that I have read, and I have just bought all the previous stories to read. I hope the author continues this series, because I can't wait to read what happens next.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted June 24, 2011


As servant to vampire mistress Lady Daniela, Elisa’s devotion is unwavering—until Lady D makes it clear that the children entrusted to Elisa’s care may be destroyed, if they cannot be integrated into the vampire world. Elisa’s young charges are vampires of such potent desires as to belie their youth, given to a reckless bloodlust that makes their assimilation nearly impossible. But Elisa has one desperate option.

His name is Malachi, a Native American vampire who is a legend for his work with rehabilitating feline predators. With his primal understanding of the rules of survival, he is the fledglings’ last hope. But it is Elisa who is feeling the heat of his irresistible animal instincts. Now, as Malachi struggles to control the children’s impulses, he opens himself up to those of Elisa—and the passion they all share for the night could seal their fates forever.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Erotic


Vampire Instinct
(Vampire Queen: Book 8)
by Joey W. Hill

Berkley Pub Group (Heat)
July 1, 2011
Available: July 5, 2011
ISBN #0425241262
EAN #9780425241264
448 pages
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