"Sins and Vampires, a Sexy Combination!"

Ava is a Sin and very good and consistent in her job. She is so good that out of all her siblings, she is Lucifer's favorite. But Ava, for the first time, wanted something for herself for once, and now she is on the run, all because she fell in love with an angel. Now, she has no job, her brothers and sisters are in danger of losing their jobs, and Ava's angel still left her with a broken heart. Lucifer believes that Ava might have spilled some secrets to her angel and now, Ava is being hunted down and does not know who to trust. But help comes in the form of Dante, a vampire who Ava helped centuries ago. Dante has his own reasons for helping Ava, and even if it costs him his life, will do anything possible to keep her safe.

This book was very cute and sexy. It is the first book in a series called Sinners and Saints. The storyline is unique and Ava and Dante make a perfect couple. The storyline has just enough action, romance and humor to appeal to many readers, although there were a few too many quips which started to get a little annoying. The story introduces some of Ava's siblings, some close to Ava, and some not. I am hoping that the future books are dedicated to the other Sins because the ending is left very open and sets up very nicely for a sequel that I cannot wait to read.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted June 1, 2011


Sin's work is never done...
Ava should know. For nearly two thousand years, she’s worked for Lucifer himself, infecting the heart of man with greed wherever she goes. She wasn't prepared to fall in love, certainly not with an angel. And she definitely wasn't ready to experience her first broken heart after her angel breaks things off in the form of a Dear Jane letter.

Now Ava has a problem. Lucifer believes she might have shared some of Hell’s secrets with her former lover, and her siblings face the possibility of being out of a job due to her indiscretion. Ava flees to the American South, hoping to slip off the radar and is met by a longtime friend, a vampire named Dante. Granted, Ava doesn’t know Dante has been in love with her for centuries, and doesn’t understand why he won’t leave her alone no matter what comes after her.

With Hell on her trail, Ava’s running short on friends. Meanwhile, she can’t ignore the suggestive looks Dante keeps sending her way. Something tells her it doesn’t take Hell to get things hot…

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Vampire

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Lost Wages of Sin
(Sinners and Saints: Book 1)
by Rosalie Stanton

Liquid Silver Books
April 1, 2011
Available: April 11, 2011
ISBN #1595788247
EAN #9781595788245
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