"Action Packed Sci-Fi Romance"

Zania is a lieutenant in the North American Federation Army, used to a life of war and fighting to stay alive. In a battle which seems to be lost, she is "saved" by an alien race to become a slave and participate in their various games. These games are held illegally for the people of a future Earth, whose emotions, passions and violence are suppressed in order to maintain peace among them. Her first match is with Svend, a Viking who was also taken from his people. Svend sees Zania's fighting spirit and realizes, as a true Warrior, she can help him and the other slaves break free from their captors, and help start a new life for the slaves and the people of Earth. While falling in love with each other on their path to freedom they must fight their captors, other slaves and the Earth itself. Can Zania and Svend survive their battles and stay together, or will the fighting and a mystery surrounding Zania's life and memories keep them apart forever?

I loved this book. It is a great Sci-Fi Romance that is action packed from the very beginning and has great characters. It is a stand alone book, with a good ending, but I would like to see another story about some of the minor characters. There are mysteries and surprises everywhere in the story that keep you wanting to continue reading to find out what happens. I love my vampire and werewolf romances, but it's refreshing to read a Sci-Fi romance because of the different characters and ideas that can be presented. Even if you do not read much Sci-Fi romance, I would recommend this story because it is filled with characters you love and hate, and an action packed romance that will leave you satisfied in the end.

Reviewed by Felicia Wright
Posted May 30, 2011


Snatched from a post-apocalyptic battlefield by galactic traders, Zania is sold to a clandestine ring of fighting Amazons on a planet lush with green jungles and teeming with deadly felines. She resents the gorgeous and overzealous Viking champion, Svend, who saves her life but too easily accepts slavery. Adulated by a woman who claims to know her, hated by the jealous Amazon queen who fancies Svend, Zania seeks escape... But Svend knows the price of rebellion. And on this seemingly peaceful planet, ruled and defended by machines, nothing is what it seems... Among the rumbles of a volcano threatening to explode, insurrection is brewing, and no one is safe...

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction

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by Vijaya Schartz

March 1, 2011
Available: March 7, 2011
ISBN #1926965582
EAN #9781926965581
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