"A quick, suspenseful read for the young adult and up"

Dreams are the gateway entry for a demon into the real world, and in Chthonic City the demons are trying to take over. Most of the people in this city are experiencing nightmares involving the demons, causing insomnia, mental breakdowns, and eventually the rising of a demon. The gatekeepers must venture down to the gates of Hell and fight in order to save their city and keep the demons from taking over. Only their guardian can teach them what they need to know and they must rely on each other in order to succeed in saving Chthonic City.

THE SUMMONING is a suspenseful, short read for the young adult written by the writing team of Wilson Doherty. It is perfect for both genders and does a fantastic job in keeping the reader interested. This short book has a unique story line that draws the reader in from the very beginning. The book is action packed and filled with fight scenes. There is a small love interest involving three of the gatekeepers that begins to develop and will continue to develop as the series progresses. This love triangle adds dimension to the story. Instead of the whole story focusing on fighting it brings in another dynamic which helps make the story interesting. I for one am definitely curious as to how this love triangle will turn out. The ending of book one leaves the reader wondering, and hungry for more. The authors go back and forth between the different characters, having them tell the story from their points of view, which allows the reader to get to know the five main characters individually as well as feel their emotions and thoughts.

The Summoning - Book 1 in the Gatekeepers Series is off to an awesome start and is a series I would recommend to anyone interested in young adult short reads. I look forward to the next book in this series, and will, without a doubt, be reading it as soon as it is released. Filled with suspense, action, and the start of a blossoming romance, the reader will have a difficult time setting the book down.

Reviewed by Lori Golonka
Posted May 30, 2011


Chthonic City is anxious, sleepless, plagued by violence. Why? Because people are dreaming of demons among them. In fact, demons ARE rising. But these demons are not unopposed. In a crumbling church, an ancient Guardian watches and waits. And as the threat builds, he summons Gatekeepers teenagers all whose job it is to dream down into the Chthonic to slay the demons before they can rise.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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The Summoning
(The Gatekeepers: Book 1)
by Wilson Doherty

April 1, 2011
Available: April 27, 2011
ISBN #0986705551
EAN #9780986705557
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