"A fun, light read, like lemonade on a summer's afternoon"

Charlotte "Charlie" Jeeves is the only member of Port Grable not enchanted by the town's newest resident: Jeeves Allencaster, breakout television star and Hollywood's Flavor of the Month. Charlie has worked hard to create a peaceful life in Port Grable, and refuses to let anyone-- especially a fly-by-night like Allencaster--disrupt it.

I enjoyed many things about Let me Call You Sweetheart. The dialogue was fun and snappy, and I could practically smell the muffins in the bakery. The town of Port Grable is populated with several interesting characters, foremost among them Charlie's best friend Myrtle and her devoted husband Sam.

Charlie and Jeeves (yes, the hero and heroine share the same name, a fact which is remarked upon early, then, thankfully, dropped) are nice people. They are the sort of folks you might find living next door, or in the house on the corner. While I enjoyed their romance, I felt as if I didn't know the characters all that well.

This is where I felt the novella length really hurt the story. For example, the reason for Charlie's fear of change is revealed late in the story, and isn't explored in depth. In addition, we know very little of the hero's pervious life in Los Angeles. He came to Port Grable to get away from Hollywood fakery, but we don't know what, if anything, prompted this change of heart. Make no mistake, Jeeves Allencaster is a charming character. I just wish Ms. Hayes had been given the space to develop both of her leads into compelling people.

All in all, Let Me Call You Sweetheart is a fun, light read, like lemonade on a summer's afternoon. I think Ms. Hayes is an author to watch, and I'll be interested to see what she can do in a less restrictive format.

Reviewed by E S Hanson
Posted May 23, 2011


Hollywood made him a star. She makes him want to be a better man.

Charlotte Jeeves, “Charlie” to anyone not pulling her over or collecting her taxes, is the only one in town who’s not excited about her new neighbor, TV actor Jeeves Allencaster. It’s not “cute” how they share a name, and so not charming that he steals her muffin before they’ve even met. The last thing she wants is some slick Hollywood type turning her safe, small-town haven into a circus.

If the locals have their way, though, she and Jeeves will be dating by…well, it depends on who you ask—and how much they’ve invested in the betting pool.

Jeeves hates Hollywood. Mostly he just hates the way it’s changed him. Port Grable is the total opposite of LaLa Land—the perfect place to rediscover himself. His plan didn’t include hooking up with the bitter—yet undeniably lush—girl next door. She’s not his type, yet he can’t get her off his mind.

Trouble is, to thaw the ice around her heart, he’ll have to show her the real man behind the Hollywood charade. If he still exists…

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Warning: Baked-good larceny is prohibited by law in many states. Please seek competent legal advice before trying this at home.

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart
(Springtime: Come Rain or Come Shine)
by Gwen Hayes

Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2011
Available: May 31, 2011
ISBN #1609284615
EAN #9781609284619
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