"Harry Potter in NC17 mode"

Harvard was not what Kyle Wadsworth expected. His first day of college, he gets lost and finds a building that few other people can see. He discovers, to everyone's surprise, that he has a hidden but large magical ability, and so he's accepted into Veritas. The hidden university within Harvard for magic users.

The Siren and the Sword is the first book of Cecilia Tan's projected five-volume Magic University series. If you imagine a sensual, over the age of consent version of Harry Potter, you wouldn't be too far off the mark. Kyle's journey of self-discovery is in some ways a familiar one. A young man finds freedom in college, finds abilities he did not know he had, and finds a girl he likes, maybe even loves. The magic adds a level of spice to Kyle's journey.

There are many mysteries that Kyle encounters along the way. Not least of all is Veritas itself and the world of magic that exists in parallel with everything Kyle thought he knew. Then there is the mysterious creature that haunts the library. But the biggest mystery of all may be Kyle himself -- who he really is and where his magical abilities lie.

There are many very sensual scenes in the story, with a final scene that is a climax in a lot of interesting ways. The Magic University series looks like it's going to be a fun ride with lots of young adult eroticism. The Siren and the Sword is a delicious start.

Reviewed by Donald Uitvlugt
Posted May 23, 2011


Kyle Wadsworth arrives at Harvard eager to start his new life as a college student away from the cold and distant great-aunt who has raised him. But he walks into a building that only magical people can see, confusing both himself and the administrators of Veritas, the secret magical university hidden inside Harvard. There he first sees a beautiful girl who seems magical to him in every way.

Soon Jess Torralva is tutoring Kyle in the ways of magic, sex, and love. But trouble is afoot at Veritas. Rumors abound that a siren is haunting the library, and when Kyle's best friend is attacked, Kyle is determined to use his newly learned skills in erotic magic to catch the culprit. But which is more important, his quest for justice or his search for true love?

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Fantasy Romance

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The Siren and the Sword
(Magic University: Book 1)
by Cecilia Tan

Ravenous Romance
July 1, 2009
Available: July 2, 2009
ISBN #1607770059
EAN #9781607770053
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