"Which is worse, the pleasure of Hell or the pain of Heaven?"

Cameron McKay (Cam to his friends) is a veteran with nothing to live for. He's no longer in the army. His wife has left him. He's all alone, so he puts his affairs in order and jumps off a bridge. His life puts him in a middle land, between Heaven and Hell, and so the devil Max and the angel Serefina begin an unusual contest for his soul.

Last Temptation is an erotic novella by Wylie Kinson. The different approaches that the devil and the angel take to winning Cam's soul fascinated me. Max has the first crack, and he chooses pleasure. The scene the devil conjures for Cam is very sensual, very erotic. And it leaves Cam cold. He has not been able to feel anything since he returned from Iraq, and the most arousing thing Max throws Cam's way cannot shake him out of his apathy.

Then it's Serefina's turn. She chooses the path of pain, and the scene here is out of a BDSM nightmare, or perhaps wet dream. Her approach is to make Cam face the truth about himself, punishing him when he lies and rewarding him when he tells the truth. The truth that Serefina draws from Cam is a surprising truth, but ultimately it sets him free. And it has another surprising consequence as well.

Last Temptation is a very sensually written short piece, able to delve into Cam's emotional wounds while still telling a touching story. I recommend it for any reader who enjoys erotic stories with surprising depths.

Reviewed by Donald Uitvlugt
Posted May 22, 2011


War vet Cameron McKay can’t feel happiness, joy, sorrow…anything. He might as well end it all…

It’s just another day in the afterlife, both sides trying to increase their numbers. When an angel and a demon—always game for a good wager—decide to vie for the unclaimed soul of an attempted suicide, pleasure and pain abound.

Cam doesn’t know if he’s landed in Heaven or Hell. Literally.

Reader Advisory: Cam is tempted—hard—by a hot and heavy performance of F/F sex involving a couple of devilishly sexy creatures.

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Last Temptation
by Wylie Kinson

Ellora's Cave
March 1, 2011
Available: March 22, 2011
ISBN #1419932969
EAN #9781419932960
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