"An intriguing adventure story with a touch of romance"

On a far away world, in another time, a slave runs for his life, hunted by dogs and riders who will kill him without mercy once he is caught. Naked, exhausted, Valerik desperately, and unsuccessfully, tries to steal a horse from a lone traveler. But to his surprise, instead of striking him down or leaving him to his fate, she pulls him onto her horse and takes him with her. Madryn, his rescuer, is a noble woman on a mysterious quest. She treats him as an equal, renaming him Valaren Starseeker.

Thus begins "ESCAPE THE PAST", a fantasy novel by K.G. McAbee. This is a wonderful book with strong main characters and intriguing minor ones, living in a world that is rich and colorful, not unlike that of an Arabian Nights tale. Valerik is very believable as a former slave. He does not question Madryn's taking him along with her, does not ask what the nature of her quest is. He feels desire for her, but does not act on it... at least not for a while. All of this fits in well with what he is supposed to be. Madryn is a strong female character, a former soldier, courageous and loyal, and with a good sense of humor.

In the background are those who watch our heroes from afar, magic users with plans of their own. Their part in the plot is well done, keeping us wondering just what they are up to. All we know is that whatever it is, evil is certainly going to be the result.

I recommend ESCAPE THE PAST for anyone looking for an intriguing adventure story with a touch of romance.

Janet Miller Copyright January 2002
ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted January 24, 2002


Valerik had been a gladiator and then a slave. When he murdered his Mistress, he was sentenced to death by hunting. So Val was released to be prey and the hounds were shortly released afterward to kill him.

Saved by the mysterious and lovely Madryn, Val accompanied her on her self appointed mission. Unknown to them, they were to become the champions of some magical guardians in a war against a sorceress and her evil brother.

Previous editions: Starlight Writer Publications; ISBN: 1929034180 eBook. Paperback (October 2000) Romance Foretold, Inc.; ISBN: 1586979922


Escape The Past
by K. G. McAbee

Novel Books, Inc.
December 1, 2001
ISBN #193169687X
300 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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