"one of my favorite themes, beauty and the beast"

Adrian, also known as Sandman, Morpheus, or Bogeyman, receives energy from fears and nightmares from people living in the Earth dimension, and transfers it to his people in another dimension. Kathryn Louise MacDonough has been having nightmares about a shadowy figure, while she tries to nurse her family back to health. Adrian keeps treasures, that he has collected in his lonely castle and decides that Kathryn will be his most treasured prize. Unfortunately, Adrian broke one of his peoples' rules, when he brought Kathryn over.

STEALING KATHRYN is an enjoyable paranormal romance with intense, erotic love scenes and a complex, exciting world. Ms. Frank takes one of my favorite themes, beauty and the beast, and puts her own spin on it. Drawn to Kathryn's beauty and innocence, Adrian, who has become monstrous because of the negative energy he absorbs, feels he must have her. The once handsome Adrian is a beast, inside and out. He is barely clinging on to the last threads of his humanity and Kathryn becomes a lifeline. Kathryn, at first, is angry but sees Adrian's pain and wishes to help him. Kathryn seems a little wishy-washy, at times, which makes her defense of Adrian, in the end, all the more poignant.

If you enjoy a hot, beauty and the beast themed romance, give STEALING KATHRYN a try.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted May 4, 2011


New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank invites you to explore a strange and sensuous world of darkest desire ruled by an extraordinary being who is about to meet his earthly match. . .

Sandman. Angus. Morpheus. He is known by many names, except his true one, Adrian. When he departs his world, it is to enter the sacred space of sleep, and he is not there to sow sweet dreams. Adrian's mission is to reap the dark energy of nightmares, work that has twisted his soul as well as his once-handsome face. Now, he lives only to await the day darkness finally overcomes him. . .and to collect exquisite reminders of what he's lost. . .

But there is one treasure that stands apart. Having risked everything to obtain her, Adrian soon realizes his mistake. For Kathryn has a wholly unexpected power over him, not only for what she represents, but for what for she is: a soul with desires as strong as his own, tempered by compassion that could save Adrian from his self-made hell--or condemn them both. . .

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

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Stealing Kathryn
(The Gatherers: Book 2)
by Jacquelyn Frank

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
April 1, 2010
Available: April 27, 2010
ISBN #1420109847
EAN #9781420109849
354 pages
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