"Vampire and Huntress and where it all began..."

How it all began:

Both Vampires and Hunters were humans once, who lived through the Black Death. Each human reacted differently to the disease, changing his or her body and creating the clans of Hunters and Vampires. Their differences start the century old feud. Vampires and Hunters are sworn enemies and are not allowed to start a relationship with each other. Elizabeth (huntress) and Ephraim (vampire) ignore the rules set by their clans, believing they can run away and start a new life. Their love for each other ends tragically.

Present time:

Alena Macleod, a huntress has a mission to terminate a rogue vampire, Sutton Bastrop. She goes undercover, believing she can handle Bastrop, only the vampire isn't what she expected. She should hate him, but her heart won't listen to reason.

Ephraim MacNeill (aka Sutton Bastrop) knows Alena as his beloved Elizabeth Macleod. He's lived centuries, meeting his love in different centuries only to lose her again to a tragic end. He searches for a way to travel back in time to change events that put them on this path of destruction. Unfortunately, the events in the present prevent him from time traveling back to where it all began.

Alena and Sutton will risk everything to stop a war between the newly formed Brotherhood of rogue vampires and the League of Hunters. Will their efforts be enough or will their love for each other destroy them yet again?

Ms. Spear has written an intriguing vampire and hunter myth, giving depth to her characters and immersing the reader into her world.

From the first chapter I was hooked, hoping Ephraim and Elizabeth would find their happily-ever-after. This reader enjoyed the journey. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Spear's vampire tales and learning more about the League of Hunters and the Brotherhood.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted April 25, 2011


Huntress Alena MacLeod is given a mission: work undercover to discover a rogue vampire’s secretive work, then terminate him.

Ephraim MacNeill, aka Sutton Bastrop, knows Alena is his Elizabeth MacLeod from an earlier time, and he’s determined to return to the past and right all the wrongs to end the curse placed on the love of his life before it’s too late—again.

Together, they must risk all to stop a war between a newly formed Brotherhood of rogue vampires, tired of the status quo, and the League of Hunters, who have ruled for centuries over the vampires—both changed during the Black Death—some of the survivors becoming vampires, and others hunters of the same.

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Forbidden Love
by Terry Spear

March 1, 2011
Available: March 10, 2011
ISBN #1458101894
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