"Fantastic introduction to a new-to-me author!"

Up-and-coming singer, Chloe Karras can mesmerize every man in the room while she sings. She thinks it's just a positive side effect of her singing—she doesn't think she has actual power over the men.

But she does. Though she doesn't know it yet, Chloe is a siren, the femme fatale from Greek mythology. Only she isn't a myth.

Navy Captain Alex Shore, a frequent visitor to the bar in which Chloe sings, is the only man seemingly immune to Chloe's seductive, mesmerizing, musical hold. He is also a triton—an ancient sea soldier sworn to protect humans from a siren's song.

Though Alex knows what he must do, he finds himself drawn to her. Now Alex needs to make a decision: banish the siren and protect his city, or give in to the strongest attraction he has felt in centuries.

I loved this book. Ms. Draven has expertly woven Greek mythology with contemporary society, staying true to the myth of the siren while keeping the setting and plot believable. The characters of Chloe and Alex are interesting and captivating. The secondary characters round out the story, and one of them is part of the plot twist at the end of the book.

I enjoyed Ms. Draven's writing so much, I'm looking into buying her complete backlist, as well as her new historical series written under her pen name. Needless to say, I will be reading more of her books in the future.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted March 31, 2011


When the sexy lead singer of an Annapolis indie band is accused of luring midshipmen to their deaths, she learns she’s not the only one with a killer voice…

No one can resist Chloe Karras when she sings—except for the sexy naval officer who is seemingly immune to her sensual allure. Maybe that’s why Captain Alex Shore is just the man she wants to take home after her performance—until he tells her what she thought were imagined powers are real…and dangerous.

Alexandros knows firsthand how seductive sirens are, as well as their potential to destroy. Yet the former sea soldier feels a powerful attraction to the beautiful rock singer that goes beyond her spell. Can he banish Chloe from the town he’s vowed to protect—or will he be drawn into the siren’s bed?

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Siren Song
(Nocturne Bites)
by Stephanie Draven

January 1, 2011
Available: January 1, 2011
ISBN #1426880162
EAN #9781426880162
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