"Touching and Sweet"

Julie and Michael, childhood sweethearts, had their future mapped out until the day Michael decided to serve his country in the current war. Julie waits for his return, looking forward to the start of their lives together. Eighteen months later, Michael comes home, but instead of proposing marriage like Julie anticipates, he ends their relationship.

Heartbroken, Julie begins to pick up the pieces, becoming a nurse and getting a job at the local hospital. Things were going all right until the day Michael is admitted to her hospital, severely injured and left in a coma after a roadside bomb explosion. Now Julie must come to terms with the fact that man she loves—the man she has always loved—is lying injured and helpless, and may never recover.

I thought this was a touching story about Julie's love for Michael. The book deals primarily with Julie's struggle, as she comes to terms with what happened, and as she tries to overcome her fear for Michael's life, anger at his condition, and helplessness at not being able to do anything to help his recovery. Everything is made worse by the fact that she still loves him deeply, so not only is she struggling with dealing with Michael's condition, she is also struggling with the aftermath of their breakup.

However, as the story was told from Julie's point of view and because of the fact that Michael spends almost the entire book in a coma, I felt that this would be better classified as women's fiction rather than romance. Regardless, I enjoyed the story and found it to be both touching and uplifting.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted March 31, 2011


Julie Newcastle and Michael Ramsey have been in love since third grade. Their marriage was eminent, but then America was attacked and Michael felt he should serve his country. Heartbroken, Julie waits, but eighteen months later, Michael returns and breaks their engagement. Can life get any worse?

Picking up the pieces, Julie becomes a nurse--only to have Michael turn up in the hospital where she works--severely injured and in a coma. Julie still loves Michael, but is her love strong enough to see him through his crisis? Can true love endure all obstacles?

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