"A different take on past lives..."

Kelly McKenna has lived in fear for the better part of fifteen years, thanks to an unknown person who has stalked her since high school. While Kelly has tried to live a normal life, she has learned to live while looking over her shoulder and trying to stay one step ahead.

But lately, her stalker has decided to up the ante, giving her terrifying presents, all implying that he or she will try to end Kelly's life. Kelly tries to stay calm and let the police investigate, but she is finding it more difficult to do -- particularly after her stalker leaves a bomb on her car. So when she starts having dreams starring men who look like her current boyfriend, her ex-husband, and the ATF agent in charge of her case, she chalks it up to stress and the possibility that she is finally going crazy.

When the idea of past lives comes up, Kelly is unsure about whether or not she should believe it, though she can't come up with another explanation for her vivid and life-like dreams.

But if her dreams are, in fact, memories from past lives, is her stalker one of the men in her dreams, or is it someone else entirely?

I have to admit, I started this book thinking that it was a romantic suspense, and was surprised to find the paranormal elements (in this case reincarnation). I found the use of past lives interesting, especially in a book that focused mainly on stalking. It was not something I expected. I was able to figure out who the stalker was fairly early in the book, but the why came as a surprise.

I thought the author used her knowledge of past lives and reincarnation in a very effective way, by tying Kelly's past lives into the stalker investigation. I did think that the action was a bit slow, as there was a stronger focus on the investigation, rather than on what the stalker was doing, how he was finding Kelly, etc., which made the book dialogue-heavy. However, this format does fit the book better when taken in the context of Kelly making sense of her dreams and discovering her past lives.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and I found it to be an interesting and different take on the past life plot idea. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author, and more books in this series in particular.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted March 31, 2011


Top reporter Kelly McKenna has traveled the world over telling the tale of those whose stories need to be told. The last thing Kelly wants is to be the story, yet with a crazed stalker dogging her every move, she may end up front page news. When her car is blown up on a hot August night, she meets the man of her dreams-literally. For years Kelly has dreamt of a tall, blond-haired man with the most amazing green eyes. When she meets Ryan Michael, she instantly knows he is the man of those dreams. Or is he the cause of her nightmares? ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

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The Spell
(McKenna Crime Series: Book 1)
by Regan Taylor

March 1, 2010
Available: March 4, 2010
ISBN #1606015737
EAN #9781606015735
232 pages
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