"The Devil falls in love"

The Devil is tired of living in Hell. Literally. So he strikes a deal with God: God will let him "go free"—that is, be redeemed—but he must first fall in love.

No problem. The Devil doesn't think it will be that hard to get a woman to fall in love with him. Unfortunately, the woman is one of God's choosing. And He has chosen her before she's even been born.

Twenty-eight years after the bargain is struck, the Devil heads to Southern California to make Christa, his pre- ordained love, fall in love with him.

But love is never easy. The Devil, or Luke, as he calls himself, must first convince Christa that he is, in fact, the Devil—and he must also convince her that he isn't as evil as humanity has portrayed him to be.

If that isn't hard enough, he also has to deal with Christa's very Christian ex-boyfriend who is afraid for her soul. Not to mention the two very disgruntled demons willing to do whatever they can to keep him from leaving Hell.

This is a very lighthearted book. It's an easy and enjoyable read, and takes a different spin on the "fallen angel" idea. I found the Devil's portrayal to be refreshing, and I thought Christa and Luke's relationship was believable—the supernatural aspect notwithstanding.

I also liked the characters of Beezlebub and Asmodeus, the two demons who possess the ex-boyfriend's computer geek roommates. I had hoped to see more of them in the book, but they disappeared a bit abruptly toward the end.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted March 31, 2011


You know what they say about deals with the Devil…

This time the deal the Devil makes is with God, who offers him a chance at redemption if he can experience human love. Easy enough, according to the Devil, who thinks that making the woman God has chosen fall in love with him will be a simple task. Unfortunately, Lucifer didn’t count on interfering demons, blundering boyfriends, and a young woman who has more questions than he’s willing to answer.

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Sympathy for the Devil
by Christine Pope

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December 1, 2010
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