"Vampires and hunters-oh my!"

Raven Prince have lived for thirty years without the bother of a male figure. She is the carefree vampire that she always intended to be. Her motto in life is the more handsome the snack the happier she can be. That is until she runs into Thorne Abbott, who has a taste for blood but the killing kind. Completely human, he's on a mission to kill the vampire that killed his father eleven years ago, and won't rest until he finds her. A chance encounter one late night ends up leaving them in a fight for lives; not only against falling for one another but to find out who murdered his father.

The hunter and the hunted battle with themselves and each other as passion, love and a quest for truth sends them on a deadly mission that's sure to either destroy them...or set them free.

Robin Badillo takes vampires to a whole other level. She shows a side to them that is not only sexy but down to earth. Vampires need love too, and not just from their own species but from a human consort. She writes with so much passion, taking you on a journey filled with emotion and action. There were times where I laughed and times where I cried. Her characters are such opposites who bring great strengths into the story. The steamy scenes had me blushing and were done very classy, and showed the true desire that the main characters shared. When I got to the end I was sad and wanted to read more. She had me from the very first line and shocked me with anticipation on the last line. I definitely recommend this novel to any paranormal romance lover.. Word to the wise, her works are very addicting.

Reviewed by Mindi Ferrari
Posted March 29, 2011


For thirty years, Raven Prince has lived just fine with no mate and no hassles. The carefree vampire, happy to be the odd-girl-out in a small, close-knit coven, lusts for one thing and one thing only—human blood. The more handsome the snack, the happier she is.

Thorne Abbott, on the other hand, only has a taste for the blood of the vampire that savagely murdered his father eleven years before. The determined human won’t rest until that craving is satisfied, even if it means getting himself killed in the process.

A sexy game of pool in a small-town bar throws a wrench in both of their plans and ignites a flame so hot, neither could have extinguished even if they wanted to.

The hunter and the hunted battle with themselves and each other as passion, love and a quest for truth sends them on a deadly mission that’s sure to either destroy them…or set them free.

Can lovers from different worlds manage to see past their differences, or are there good reasons why the two species should never unite?

Will it be friend or foe that goes bump in the night?

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The Beginning
(Blood Hunter: Book 1)
by Robin Badillo

Devine Destinies
March 1, 2011
Available: March 1, 2011
ISBN #1554878098
EAN #9781554878093
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