"Heartwarming historical romance!"

Lady Eyreka has a bold plan to keep her family in Merewood Keep. Of course, it's not the first time she's had to offer herself in order to keep her family safe, but to Eyreka, family is the most important thing. Now if only the king will go for it. Her son Garrick has put a lot of work into rebuilding Merewood Keep and now that it's profitable, she wants to make sure her family will always have a home. Eyreka knows the king plans to give her Saxon home to a Norman knight, a baron. The king does approve of her plan, even though Eyreka has no desire to marry again. After all, she dearly loved her departed husband, Addison.

Now that the battles with the Saxons are over, Augustin is looking forward to taking his daughter back home to Normandy. There is nothing he wants more. However, when the king offers him Merewood Keep, in the north of England, Augustin knows he must accept the gift. What Augustin has no desire to do is take the Saxon woman to wife. When the king insists, Augustin knows he has no choice but to acquiesce, so he reluctantly agrees to marry Eyreka, even if he is attracted to her. After all, Augustin swore he would never marry again when he lost his beloved Monique in childbirth.

Now that they are wed, Eyreka and Augustin are forced to work together in order to get their people to get along together for the betterment of Merewood Keep. What they end up fighting more than any prejudice on the parts of their people is their attraction to each other.

Will the Saxons and Normans ever get along together? What of the attraction between Augustin and Eyreka? Will they continue to fight it, or will they give in to it? What will happen if they do? What of Augustin's daughter? Will she accept Eyreka?

THE SAXON BRIDE is a heartwarming historical romance. C. H. Admirand has obviously researched the period before beginning this story as I was instantly transported back in time, and I love historical romances. The troubles between Saxon and Norman come to life in this tale. And I have to admit, I find I like having an older heroine for a change. But what really made this story enjoyable is the realistic way the author dealt with the attraction between Augustin and Eyreka. No romance is complete without the heartfelt sigh at the end, and this one really delivered that for me. I highly recommend this story to all lovers of historical romance.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 20, 2011


Merewood Keep is just beginning to earn revenues and with Garrick as it's overlord. When the new Norman King decides to gift the newly rebuilt keep to one of his favored knights, his mother Eyreka is devastated until she hears the rumors that the Norman is widowed. Augustin de Chauret has no desire to marry, nor live in England. But his liege lord has gifted him with a keep and now a wife. Will the Saxon beauty win his heart as well as his name?


The Saxon Bride
by C. H. Admirand

DCL Publications
October 1, 2010
Available: October 7, 2010
ISBN #098462676X
EAN #9780984626762
190 pages
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