"This writing duo comes through again with a great read!"

Once again, we're back in the world of Celia Graves. A world filled with magic and magic users and ordinary humans with no supernatural abilities whatsoever. This is exactly what bodyguard Celia Graves was until the night she was bitten by a master vampire. Now she's part vampire—complete with fangs and bloodlust—part human, and has also found out she's part Siren—with all kinds of abilities. Celia has also found out she's royalty, through her father. Turns out the high Siren queen is her aunt. And surprise, surprise, Queen Lopaka actually likes Celia. Meanwhile, Celia is still investigating why her rich friend Vicky—now a ghost— left a hefty portion of her fortune to a complete stranger. And, no surprise, Celia doesn't get to take a break. While out shopping with her best friends Emma and Dawna, an old acquaintance comes out across Celia, and not someone she trusts. Turns out Kevin has been captured and is being kept in the place Celia worked so very hard not to end up in while waiting for her court case. When Emma asks if Celia will rescue Kevin, she has no choice but to accept. Not that she's forgiven Kevin for what he's done to get Emma back. When they get there, Celia finds the major demon who tried to kill her before is in residence and something strange is going on there. Well, they do rescue Kevin, even though Celia blacks out. With all the strange things going on there, Celia gets in contact with Alex—Vicky's lover—and asks that she investigate the state facility.

Needing some time off, and with her best friends also needing to relax, Celia decides to buy them a spa trip for Christmas. Turns out Dawna has quite a great gift for the three of them as well. Dawna managed to get tickets to the wine-tasting event of the century. So after bonding all day at the spa and getting dressed and made up to the nines, the three of them head to the wine tasting.

Who will Celia run into at the wine tasting? What will she find out about the man's family Vicky left a bequest to? What is going on at the state facility? What is the major demon up to there? Will Celia have to save the world again? What will it cost her this time?

DEMON SONG is a fantastic thrill ride from the very first page. Author duo Cat Adams once again prove why they're at the top of the urban fantasy field with this latest installment of Celia Graves. If Calgon isn't doing the job anymore, pick up a book by Cat Adams. You will be instantly taken away from everyday cares and plunged into a very believable world as you travel with Celia through non-stop action. In this story, Celia ends up with two love interests, both Bruno and Creede. And Celia suffers in this adventure. I just love how quickly I become absorbed into anything Cat Adams writes. And the secondary characters are just as loveable as the primary ones. And yes, I've already made space on my keeper shelf for this one. More, Cat Adams, more!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 20, 2011


Bodyguard Celia Graves plies her trade in a world where bloodthirsty vampires roam the night and street corner psychics have real powers. A vamp attack turned Celia into a unique creature who finds sunlight painful and must take all her food in liquid form—but who still possesses her human heart, mind, and soul.

The attack also awakened a hidden part of her heritage: Celia is part Siren, able to enthrall men . . . and enrage women . . . without half-trying. Needless to say, her bodyguard business has taken off: who wouldn’t want to be protected by a sexy, extremely capable woman who is half-vampire, half-Siren princess?

An ancient rift between the demonic dimension and our own—sealed during the destruction of Atlantis—begins to open, threatening to loose all the demons of hell on humanity (including the one personally bent on destroying Celia). Celia’s hellish recent experiences might have have given her the unique combination of abilities needed to close the rift. But to overcome a death curse which nearly guarantees her failure, she’ll need to join forces with people she no longer trusts . . . and put people she has come to care about directly in harm’s way.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Demon Song
(Blood Singer: Book 3)
by Cat Adams

March 1, 2011
Available: March 1, 2011
ISBN #0765324962
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