"this Shifter tale turns up the heat"

Natasha Millard is a pawn in her father's game. She lives in a boarding school, and comes home when her father calls and wants to show her off to his business partners and friends at his parties. She isn't allowed to talk or associate with anyone. That is until she meets Drake. Will she ever know her true role in life or will she forever be a pawn in the game?

Drake Draeger is bored. His father is upset with how he lives his life and wants him to settle down with a mate. Draeger on the other hand has other plans. That is until he attends a party given by Philip Millard. That's when his whole world was about to change. Feeling her pain and catching her scent was not what he expected while at the party; he was supposed to stand second to at a meeting with his father. Will Drake show Philip that his ways have rules that even HE can't ignore or will his plan backfire in his face?

Philip Millard wants the old ways to continue. That is unless it involves his daughter. Millard has special plans for her that have nothing to do with her feelings or wants, but a way to advance his place in the pack. Will he get his way or will others show him that no matter who you are, rules are rules?

Once more Jaden Sinclair has drawn her readers into the world of Shifters. Bringing Drake and Natasha together in old ways but showing that even then, love is the ultimate prize. Just like the other Shifter books, Ms. Sinclair shows the life of shifters in a new light. Readers will enjoy this page turner of a book, and get a warm feeling deep inside. Truly one of her Hotter books with the intense sexual content, as well as the heart melting of the main hero. Again an enjoyment to read. I suggest you have one you love close by though, just in case.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted February 11, 2011


Natasha Millard never knew what hit her when she caught the eye of Drake Draeger. She didn't understand the hunger that his dark eyes held for her, or comprehend how much that hunger would consume her. And she had no clue what to do when he claimed her for himself, forsaking her father. The Draeger Legacy has come full circle. The claim has been made. Who will survive the burn of the mating?

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Draeger Legacy
(Shifter series: Book 8)
by Jaden Sinclair

Melange Books
January 1, 2011
Available: January 15, 2011
ISBN #1612350828
EAN #9781612350820
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