"Chase has come back to claim his mate"

The long awaited seventh Shifter book is here. Jaden Sinclair once more brings her readers into the world of Shifters with Seducing Sasha. Readers of past shifter books should remember Sasha. She is the daughter of Drake, and sister to Kane. Both her and Kane were held captive and saved by Drake and his family. Now they have lived for five years as shifters. In Seducing Sasha we, the readers, finally get her story.

Sasha is the twin sister of Kane and daughter of Drake. Though for the past five years she has grown up being sheltered and overly protected by both brother and father. Now as she comes of age, she is about to be claimed. Or is she? Kane and Drake refuse to believe that anyone can protect or keep Sasha's nightmares at bay. They flatly refuse to believe that someone could be Chase Sexton.

Chase Sexton has waited five years to claim his mate. Now he has returned home to do just that, and he will, just his way. He has learned that for Sasha, her mate will make all her bad memories go away. Is Chase the right man for the job? Also can he prove to Sasha and her family that he will not hurt her as she has been hurt in the past. That He is the right man for her, or will Sasha get scared and run, leaving Chase longing for her forever?

Jaden Sinclair has once more drawn her readers into the lives of the Shifter. Seducing Sasha is perhaps by far the best one yet. From the first page Ms. Sinclair draws the reader in and keeps them hooked until the end of the book. Truly a story well worth the wait.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted December 26, 2010


Chase Sexton has watched Sasha from afar for years. He has longed to touch and hold her at night and take away all the pain and bad memories from her past. The only problem is that Sasha doesn't trust any man but her brother. How does one man show the one woman who is right for him that all men are not created equal? That in the arms of the right man, his arms, all bad memories can and will disappear. Can he replace them with something special, or will all his longings be for nothing?

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Seducing Sasha
(Shifter series: Book 7)
by Jaden Sinclair

Melange Books
January 1, 2011
Available: January 1, 2011
ISBN #161235033X
EAN #9781612350332
e-Book (reprint)
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