"Two gods brought to their knees by one mortal woman"

Thanatos, the God of Death and Hypnos, the God of Sleep lost their Goddess Pasithea when they angered Zeus. But when Than arrives at the hospital to lead one of their believers to her resting place he finds himself looking into the face of his lost Goddess.

Amy cannot believe the kindness of the man who allows her to cry all over his clothes when her beloved granny dies. But, to now have him in her dreams along with another man is even harder to believe.

When both Than and Nos show up on Amy's doorstep to rent a room from her she becomes even more confused, how was it possible for her to dream of these two men when she didn't even know who they were. And now to find out that they want only one room and not two she knows her chances with either man is now out of the question.

Than and Nos are being forced by Aphrodite to romance Amy. They soon learn that Amy may be their lost Goddess Pasithea in looks but she is a totally different person, one that they have discovered they can love even more than they did Pasithea.

Believing is Seeing is a story about making two men use the human form of romance and persuasion, and not use their powers to get what they want. I enjoyed the story with its humor as well as the determination Than and Nos have to make sure they win the woman they have fallen in love with.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted December 22, 2010


Leaving a destructive relationship, Amy Bitonu returns to her hometown to help her ailing granny, unaware of how much her life is going to change.

She had given up on having a family of her own, thinking there isn't a man alive who could deal with her emotional baggage. That is until two men show up in a dream claiming to be Hypnos and Thanatos, gods straight out of ancient Greek mythology. Her life takes a sharp turn into surreal when she meets them while awake. To top it off, they think that she is their long lost goddess.

Long ago, Thanatos and Hypnos were unable to stop the destruction of the goddess they had hoped would be the perfect compliment to their powers. With her back, they could be more powerful than before, but she has no memory of them. Worse, she doesn't believe in them, which makes them all vulnerable. In order to be together, she has to believe the impossible, only then will she see the truth.

Genre: Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Menage a Trois/Quatre, M/M, M/M/F
Heat Level: Scorching

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Believing is Seeing
by Corinne Davies

Siren Publishing
March 1, 2010
Available: March 1, 2010
ISBN #1606015478
EAN #9781606015476
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