"A tough as nails heroine, a Demon, and a werewolf makes a erotic, sexy read."

This novel is an anthology of books 1-3 in the Send'em Packing series. Part one is the Packing Heat, which introduces the male characters of each book in the series. I just had a fun time reading about Maya, her kick butt attitude and her no nonsense about sex. If she wants it, well she just goes and gets it. Throw in a very sexy werewolf and an Incubus Demon and Bam! you have a great story!

Packing for Three, the second installment, takes place when Maya's sometime werewolf lover, Matt calls her from his hometown in trouble. It seems his were girlfriend Jenny has gone missing. Not believeing that he is asking for his lover's help to find his girlfriend she tells him no! But things change when she discovers that Jenny is pregnant and her clan blames Matt. And if Jenny does not show for the Tribunal then her family will ask for Matt's death. Maya does the only thing she can do, she packs her bags and her other lover Stephen. He is an Incubus Demon, and to make matters worse, his Incubic Pheromones have a very horny effect on were's... So Maya has her hands full trying to find a missing were, keeping her two lovers from killing each other even though they both agreed to date her! Then stop the clan set on killing Matt. But Hey, that's all in a day's work!

I love the interactions between the characters, Maya is just my fave! She is such the Alpha Female, how she deals with the two sexy men is just fun. I love her attitude! Very well written and with very steamy love scenes that will have you hot in no time!

Pack Up is the third installment and last in the anthology. Maya couldnt count how many times her life had been in danger, or how many times she'd brushed against death, but after an attack nearly killed her, this was the first time death brushed back. Something is attacking Maya. Something that cannot be stopped by bullets and can take control of her lovers, to use them to hurt her. Stephen, her demon lover, keeps a watch over her 24/7 and her other lover, Matt's plan is to turn her into a werewolf, making her very hard to kill. Maya is not thrilled about having to turn so hairy. But she is running out of time, and her options are running out one by one. If she does decide to take Matt up on his offer, she knows that once he changes her she is linked to him, literally till death. Not willing to give up her life or Stephen, Maya has some choices to make. But knowing Maya, she always fights for what she wants and she wants both of her men!

What a satisfying conclusion. Very fast paced and well written! I love how sassy Maya is, and just downright fun! Even when her life is in danger, she had me entertained. The two men, Stephen and Matt are two very hot, yummy sex machines that all I can say is lucky Maya!! Very graphic sex scenes and with multiple partners, so not for the faint of heart. Very erotic sex scenes, headstrong characters, and plenty of action makes this collection a keeper!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted December 22, 2010


Maya Eddings is six feet tall, a black belt in tae kwon do, proficient with handguns, and an empath who runs her own private security firm in Kansas City. Her life couldn't be better, with the exception of two men who each want her to be exclusively theirs. Matt Brewer, legal investigator and werewolf, wants Maya to be his life mate, but while she likes a little tail, actually growing one isn't all that appealing to her. Stephen Daniels, architect and part incubus demon, wants Maya too -- body and soul. But he's willing to settle on her body -- for now.

With two hunkalicous men fighting for her attention, mysteries to solve, bad guys to shoot, and a secret past that will rock her world, Maya's beginning to feel she's bitten off more than she can shoot.

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Humor & Satire, Collections
Theme(s): Ménage, Werewolves
Length: Collection

Publisher's Note: This collection contains the three previously released novellas Packing Heat, Packing for Three, and Packing Up.

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Send 'em Packing (Collection)
(Send 'em Packing: Books 1-3)
by Hannah Beckham

Changeling Press
June 1, 2009
Available: June 1, 2009
ISBN #1605211753
EAN #9781605211756
e-Book (reprint)
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