"Highly Addictive Material...Beware!"

J. R. Ward has done it yet again. Her books are so captivating, the seventh book in the series had you holding on from the very beginning. The main focus of her series has been to make each book about one single character, and that was John Matthew. We have watched his character grow from Lover Eternal to the brooding, sexy, warrior that he is now in Lover Mine. Although John Matthew has one disability and that's his being mute, he doesn't let it get in the way as he joins forces with the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

In this latest installment John is still reeling from a broken heart as the love of his life was kidnapped by a known enemy, Lash. The war that is ragging in Caldwell, NY is growing larger against the Lessoning Society, and not knowing if Xhex is dead or alive John continues his search and will not stop until he has killed Lash himself. With his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him, no one could guess what his true history was--or his true identity.

Xhex was well known as a symphath assassin, and has long denied herself the attration she has to John Matthew. Having already lost one lover (Murhder) to her true nature, she will not let another male get involved in her twisted life. Throughout the book the two discover that only fate can decide when enough, is enough. As her character fights to get free from Lash's evil hold, and she realizes that after her whole struggle she just might walk out a changed woman.

The story is one of the best struggles with love in the whole series as the two go back and forth with their feelings and fight with themselves over past, present and future. It also involves a ghost story with a character we have yet to hear anything about.

The one thing I find intriguing about all of her books is the way she intertwines each character. If you were to take the characters you want and pull just their stories out of the plot you would have about six novellas to read. Her sex scenes are sensual and classy. She leaves you wanting a piece of the Brothers all for yourself. I definitely would suggest anyone reading this book that is a paranormal romance fan or even better, just starting out in the genre. It is a world of Vampires worth knowing. Highly addictive material!

Reviewed by: Mindi Ferrari, author

Reviewed by Mindi Ferrari
Posted December 20, 2010


In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other - vampire warriors, defenders of their race...

John Matthew has been through his vampire transition and taken to the life of the Brotherhood with a vengeance, but he still can't shake the nightmare of his past and is unsure of his future as a warrior hero. He's made a promise to honour the Brotherhood and their fight with the slayers at all costs, until the love of his life is kidnapped and he is forced to make a choice that could change his life and the Brotherhood's forever...

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire


Lover Mine
(Black Dagger Brotherhood: Book 8)
by J. R. Ward

April 1, 2010
Available: April 27, 2010
ISBN #0451229851
EAN #9780451229854
544 pages
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