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At thirteen, Jessi Fahy had her heart broken when the man she loved left Ireland for America. He promised to return in five years and that Jessi would be the first girl he would kiss. And Jessi kept his promise close to her heart for over five years. Even though other men have asked her to marry them, Jessi turned them all down for she knew John Reilly was the only man for her. She would love him all her life. Considering her home life, it's no big surprise Jessi spends most of her time with Mrs. Reilly. So when a letter arrives from America from John, Jessi rushes to deliver it to Mrs. Reilly. Of course, when they read the letter and find out that John has no intention of returning to Ireland, Jessi is stunned. So the two of them put their heads together and come up with a plan.

Since John Reilly is expecting a package from home, he's not surprised when everything works against causing him to be late to meet the stage. After all, his mother is sending him something "light as a feather and twice as sweet" so John is expecting one of her delicious cakes. Imagine his surprise when he doesn't receive a cake at all, but the little girl who used to follow him everywhere. Then to add insult to injury, he doesn't recognize her. No big shock there really, considering she's not a skinny little girl anymore but has grown into a beautiful young woman. One thing about her hasn't changed though—her temper—and when John fails to recognize her, Jessi hauls off with a right cross straight to John's weak jaw. John goes down like a sack of potatoes and Flynn takes Jessi to Mrs. Swenson's boarding house while the doc tends to John.

Will Jessi ever marry John? Will John want to marry Jessi, or has he found someone else? What kind of trouble will Jessi get into?

A GIFT FROM HOME is a funny historical romance. C.H. Admirand weaves the harshness of life in the United States in the 1800's with humor in a delightful manner. Even though Jessi misses her home in Ireland, she finds some wonderful friends in Emerson, Colorado who delight in helping her attain her goal of marrying John. And the more John tries to ignore Jessi, the more he finds her turning him inside out. Have to admit that western historical romances are not my favorites, but I truly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted December 20, 2010


The temporarily disbanded Committee for the Betterment of Emerson is at it again! This time they accuse Jessi Fahy of setting fire to Peterson’s Stable, injuring Mr. Peterson, brawling in public and ruining the good name of the Flaherty’s foreman, John Reilly.

Jessi Fahy’s heart broke when her childhood hero, John Reilly, left County Cork, Ireland for America. Five and a half years later when he doesn’t come home as promised, Jessi and Mrs. Reilly put their heads together to hatch a plan that includes John’s favorite recipes, the Reilly family Bible and Mrs. Reilly’s secret... her middle son’s chin is as fragile as her best china cake plate!

John Reilly is expecting a package from home, something light as a feather and twice as sweet. Little does he realize the package isn’t the baked goods he’s been dreaming of (never thinking they’d be spoiled from all those weeks on the boat and traveling cross country) but a grownup version of the thirteen-year-old girl who used to follow him every where.

When John Reilly doesn’t return to County Cork, Ireland, Jessi Fahy boards a ship and tracks him down. She arrives in Emerson, Colorado, hot, tired, and dusty, but he doesn’t recognize her. Five and a half years of waiting in vain, combined with a horrendous voyage and the realization that John doesn’t remember her, have Jessi fisting her hand and testing Mrs. Reilly’s secret weapon. With a wicked right cross, big John Reilly goes down like a stone.

Genre: Historical Romance, Old West

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A Gift From Home
(Irish Western: Book 4)
by C. H. Admirand

Gale Group (Five Star)
September 1, 2010
Available: September 8, 2010
ISBN #1594149186
EAN #9781594149184
310 pages
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