"Lies, thrills and forgiveness and an ususpecting triangle of love"

Max is concerned about his twin brother, so in order to find out what is going on he takes off for Alaska to confront him. When he arrives his brother is no where to be found. He decides to arrive at a meeting his brother was scheduled for and finds himself in deep trouble when he is mistaken for his brother by the woman who says she is his fiancée.

Mandy is determined to prove that her father was not a criminal and clear his name, so she enlists the help of her friend, Jackson to play the part of her fiancé. What she doesn't realize is that the man is not Jackson but his twin brother, Max.

Max is in a lot of trouble, he has found himself falling for the one woman he should not even be thinking about let alone actually touching. But, the wolf inside him is telling him this woman is his and that he should take her. Imagine his confusion when he also finds his wolf rearing his head and also claiming his brother's best friend Gideon, who already knows that Max is not Jackson. How is this possible, he has never been attracted to another man before.

When Mandy receives a phone call from Jackson she becomes irate to find out she has been lied to by Max. Now Max has his work cut out for him to win her trust and her love back as well as convince her that she and Gideon both are his mates. Will she be able to accept two men in her bed or will she leave him and take his heart with her?

Tielle St. Clare brings together lies, deception, forgiveness and finding ones true self all rolled into one book. Max has such a hard time allowing his wolf out and following what nature is telling him is the way things are meant to be. I have a feeling that Jackson's story is not far behind and I for one am looking forward to it.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted December 20, 2010


Never threaten a werewolf’s mate…it just pisses him off.

Mandy wants to prove her father’s innocence and her friend Jackson has agreed to help. Only he’s acting strange. In one day he’s gone from “mild-mannered accountant” to “bad-boy Sex God” and she can’t keep her hands off him. Now she every secret submissive fantasy she’s ever had seems possible, even necessary. It’s very distracting.

Max came to Alaska to check on his brother. But Jackson’s missing. And a cute little blonde is claiming to be Jax’s fiancé. That would be okay if Max’s wolf didn’t want her, bad. Mandy isn’t Max’s type. He likes bold and bitchy, not curvy and innocent. But when Mandy mistakes him for his brother, he goes along with the charade. And discovers that innocence hides some wicked tendencies.

Now he’s got himself into a real mess. He’s sleeping with a woman who thinks he’s his brother, his werewolf has developed a strange attraction for Jax’s very best, very male friend and there are the bad guys after Mandy.

This can’t end well.

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Maxwell's Fall
(Wolf’s Heritage: Book 3)
by Tielle St. Clare

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2009
Available: September 1, 2009
ISBN #1419922599
EAN #9781419922596
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