"True Love Story from Ancient times!"

Danielle Taylor is a beautiful woman who has nothing but bad luck with men. Since realizing that the man she was with was worthless and treated her like garbage, she gathered up all her strength and money and left for a small town, leaving Adam in the dust. Buying a property online isn't something most people do, but Danielle couldn't pass up the sweet little house with so much charm. After living in the house for a few days Danielle uncovers several mysterious things about the previous owner, and a beautiful golden mask that has to be worth more than anything she had ever seen. What she doesn't realize is that fate is about to hit her hard when she goes in search of the old professor Wilde, having a gut feeling that he is still alive and well. She ends up uncovering an ancient civilization in Peru and finding love that she never thought possible, with a man that holds the key to this ancient power.

Kimberly Adkins writes an unbelievable Cinderella story. From the first page of this book I couldn't stop reading, wondering what was going to happen next. My stomach clenched in times of action and my heart would beat fast whenever Jake and Danielle would come together in the story. She writes with so much passion and grace. Her words are classy as she describes the love between the two. It is definitely a story that will open your eyes to a great adventurous novel. Very imaginative!

Reviewed by: Mindi Ferrari, author

Reviewed by Mindi Ferrari
Posted December 19, 2010


An ancient civilization with lost magic that could change the world - A desperate battle between two men and the woman they both want for different reasons.

Danielle Taylor thought she was leaving behind the chaos of the big city, as well as the memory of her unfaithful boyfriend when she bought the old country farmhouse on the internet sight- unseen. However, the moment she stepped foot on the abandoned estate she was confronted with clues about the mysterious disappearance of its previous owner, a local professor at the nearby University.

Even in her wildest dreams she never thought she'd find herself standing inside dangerous, undiscovered ruins of a pre Incan civilization with a man who has unlocked the secrets of an ancient power and opened her heart to a passion she never thought possible. If she made it out alive, it would be a miracle...Or her destiny

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Through Ancient Eyes
by Kimberly Adkins

November 1, 2010
Available: November 3, 2010
ISBN #1606019066
EAN #9781606019061
215 pages
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