"Hot tale of Celtic romance!"

Since Seren is the Druidess for the Ordovices Tribe, she is quite busy preparing for the Samhain Festival. There's the feast to oversee, the pigs to choose for slaughter, the bonfire to light and all kinds of things Seren has to do. This is her first Samhain without her mother and Seren is planning on visiting her cairn when she can. As soon as everything is done to the point where Seren can leave, she fills a basket with Samhain fare and heads to her mother's cairn in the woods. On the way there, Seren senses she is being followed. When Seren finally reaches her mother's cairn, she looks around and sees a white wolf. Now really apprehensive with a wolf staring her down, Seren backs up, only to have the wolf advance. Then as Seren is watching it, the wolf shifts into a man. And not just any man but the god Gwydion—the patron god of the Ordovices Tribe. However, Seren is not interested in a fling with Gwydion, even though she knows that's all they can have since she is mortal and he is a god. Gwydion leaves to see if he can bring Seren's mother to visit. Right after Gwydion leaves, Seren's mother shows up and the two of them catch up for a bit, sharing their Samhain fare with Gwydion. Then Seren and Gwydion are alone and he accompanies her back to the village.

Gwydion has lusted after Seren for a long time. Now he's with her and he has no intention of allowing her to get away from him.

Is there a chance for the two of them to have any kind of a relationship considering Gwydion is a god and Seren is mortal? Will any of the other gods or goddesses interfere?

THE WOLF AND THE DRUIDESS is a highly erotic tale of love in the time of Celts. Cornelia Amiri obviously knows her subject well as she describes the everyday life of a Celtic Druid during Samhain. All the preparations for the festival and bonfire. But this is a romance and we have the love of a handsome god and a beautiful mortal woman. And this story of filled with plenty of hot love scenes as the love between god and Druidess grows. I've always been interested in the Celts and eagerly await each and every one of Cornelia Amiri's releases, and this one is no exception to that. For a short story, this one packs a wallop.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted December 19, 2010


In days of old, deep in the dark woods, Druidess Seren discovers a wolf shape shifting into the bare, muscular Celtic God, Gwydion. Seren’s mind turns from the Samhain feast to wicked thoughts of feasting on Gwydion’s yummy goodies. Will this new found love last beyond a Samhain tryst to survive the ultimate long distant relationship of a god in the otherworld and a woman on Earth? Is the love Gwydion and Seren share strong enough to overcome the social barrier between an immortal god and a mortal woman? Will a warning of danger from beyond the grave destroy the sensual magic brewing between the wolf and the druidess?

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The Wolf and the Druidess
by Cornelia Amiri

Eternal Press
December 1, 2010
Available: December 1, 2010
ISBN #1615722467
EAN #9781615722464
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