"different cultures meld seamlessly"

Laura has had second-sight for many years. She dreams nightly of a man (a beast?) who makes passomate love to her, and then an old woman who calls her names and makes her leave. She grew up on "the Rez", a part-Navajo, part- white orphan who lived with her mysterious grandfather. Her sole plan is to leave. Far and quickly; and when a job beckons her in Wyoming she is off!

As a PR person for a logging company she faces 100:1 odds from the start. Odds against her are: an odd Native American sect, a town of very unfriendly folks, a Bronco that will not stay running and possibly the worst; the hunk that stops to help her when her vehicle dies - again.

Justin is much more than he seems, even though Laura is more than willing to jump him at first sight. Their lives intertwine on many levels and Justin makes it all too clear they can never be anything but bed partners, nothing permanent. Still......

This story was great! I read it in a day and enjoyed every word. The author makes all the different cultures meld seamlessly and is spot on with Navajo beliefs. An excellent evening's read!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted December 3, 2010


Dark, erotic dreams and eerie phantoms warn of forbidden passions. Long ago, the Sungmanitu Indians withdrew into isolation; what dark secrets were they hiding?

Laura Ellison was soon to find out. The company she works for is planning to send her to Wyoming, where they are preparing to clear-cut the land of the Sungmanitu. A fellow employee has mysteriously disappeared, and the local police are baffled by a string of strange murders.

The land of the Sungmanitu: a place of breathtaking beauty and menacing evil, where Laura will discover the demon who haunts her nightmares, and the dark truth of who she really is. Laura Ellison will defy all warnings and fall in-love with Justin Gray Eagle, the sinister leader of the Wolf People.

Rating: Carnal contains violence and graphic sexual encounters, sex with werewolves in human form. Previously published by NCP in 2004, this work has been revamped to be longer and sexier.

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Wolf Dance
(Realm of the Wolf: Book 1)
by Lorraine Kennedy

Liquid Silver Books
December 1, 2010
Available: December 1, 2010
ISBN #1586082523
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