"Angels, demons and a lost soul"

Keegan Black is dead, but finds himself still with the living. To make matters worse, he discovers that demons are after him, and they want to eat his heart and escort him to Hell. He is saved from the first demon attack by Echo, one of Heaven's heralds—essentially an angel—who is sent to the human plane to protect Keegan.

As it turns out, Keegan's soul is missing, and it's Echo's job to find and return it.

And in the middle of demon attacks and the search for Keegan's soul, Keegan and Echo discover that they've fallen in love. But can anything come of a love between an immortal herald and a mortal human?

I enjoyed this book; for me, reading about demons and angels was a nice change. The book includes and references demons and angels, God and Satan, and Heaven and Hell, though none of the references were religious in nature. They were just a part of the world that the author had created.

I did find that the human characters—Keegan and his best friend Smith—accepted the existence of paranormal beings a little too easily. I can see why in Keegan's case, but I felt that Smith accepted the explanations a little too quickly and easily. Regardless, I thought Smith was a great character, as the comedic foil to Keegan's seriousness.

I found the ending to be quite jarring and took me by surprise. As well, the book has only an implied happy ending.

I thought this was a good book, and was an enjoyable read. I wished it was longer. I will be looking for more books by this author.

Reviewed by Charlotte Cowie
Posted November 19, 2010


Keegan Black never gave much thought to death—until he dies.

The hereafter is strange, he finds. He walks with the living, yet is not one of them. He breathes, yet he does not live.

Things he will adjust to, he believes, but only until he is confronted by demons who intend to confiscate his heart and escort him to Hades.

Keegan has no idea how he'll pull it off, but he must stay alive long enough to die again so his essence can find its rightful path.

Genre: Mainstream Romance: Paranormal

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by Bliss Addison

Red Rose Publishing
October 1, 2009
Available: October 22, 2009
ISBN #160435450X
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