"Ghosts, A Hot Mr. Fix-It, and Romance--All I Could Want in One Book!"

Nearly Departed made me crack up one moment and want to strangle Cybil's mother the next. Add in super way too hot for his jeans, Max, a cook that seems to be more than she is letting on and a handful of ghosts, and you have a recipe for a fantastic read! The romance and the comedy are in perfect harmony that makes you want to read the whole book in one sitting, which is exactly what I did!

Cybil is a romance writer with an over bearing family that she knows she can never please. While out house hunting she stubbles across an old, dilapidated plantation house that just happens to come with a few extra features that are not on the inspection report. Between the ghosts' antics, Cybil's family, and let's not forget the dog, you won't want to put this book down! While the love scenes were nothing short of scorching, in a good way not in a burnt bacon way, they blended beautifully with the rest of the book. Suzanne Rossi allows Cybil and Max's relationship to develop over time so when the big moment does happen you will need a fan nearby! I just cannot say enough about this book; go out and get it, you will not regret it!

Reviewed by J. M. Schuler
Posted November 18, 2010


Cybil Austin loves Shady Oaks, and hopes to write her Regency romances undisturbed by a dysfunctional family. She doesn’t count on renovation chaos or the presence of ghosts who fear the changes will wreak havoc with their non-lives. She also doesn’t count on falling for her contractor, C. Maxwell Maitland. Handsome and charismatic, Max isn’t seeking a relationship, but Cybil gets to him on more than a professional level. He is drawn to her eccentric personality, but a bad marriage has him gun-shy of anything suggesting permanence. And then, there are those pesky ghosts. They want Cybil gone and the renovations stopped. But not even a haunted house deters Cybil from pursuing Max. During the process, she learns about herself, life, and death. Will Cybil and Max enjoy a future at Shady Oaks? Can they and the ghosts co-exist in the same house?

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Nearly Departed
by Suzanne Rossi

Wild Rose Press
November 1, 2010
Available: November 10, 2010
ISBN #1601548672
EAN #9781601548672
336 pages
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