"Time travel at its best"

Antonio Whitehorse will do what he needs to, to care for his people who are starving, and the government wants to punish them. He has had visions of a red haired woman coming to him and is surprised when he stumbles across her laying unconscious, and may not survive the night.

Halle Brooks believes she is dreaming or dead when she wakes up after an accident to be told by her spirit guide that she is needed in another time to make a change, and save a man and his people. When she finds herself sent back to 1863, Halle begins to believe it was not all a dream.

As Antonio fights the feelings that are growing toward Halle, he leaves her behind in the care of his mistress. But when he returns to find that the woman was about to sell Halle to the highest bidder he takes her with him. Having her so close and not touch her is a battle that Antonio is not sure he can win.

The fight ahead of Antonio and Halle is long and bittersweet. Will they get what they want? Will Halle be stuck in the past forever?

Ride the Wild Wind is a story that has so much going for it. The chemistry between Antonio and Halle will make you laugh, cry and get angry. Your heart will go out to the Navajo people at the ordeal that they had to go through. I have not been one for the time travel genre but I could not stop reading this one until I finished the last word.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted November 13, 2010


When Halle Brooks' life in the present ends following a car crash, she is catapulted back in time to 1863. According to her Spirit Guide, Halle's presence in the past will bring about justice for a missing woman to whom Halle bears an uncanny resemblance. Soon after arriving, Halle is kidnapped by the notorious outlaw, Antonio Whitehorse.

Before abducting the beautiful, yet oddball woman whose likeness appears on a reward poster, half-Navajo Antonio Whitehorse had only two concerns: saving The People from starvation and incarceration, and avenging the death of his family. Now he has a third--the captive who's stolen his heart. She claims she's from the future--and that she knows the chilling fate awaiting them all.

With the U.S. Calvary in pursuit of a fugitive Whitehorse, and a murderer poised to take revenge on Halle, passions and cultures collide in this fast-paced, sweeping tale of love and survival.

Who will survive and will love find a way to keep them together forever?

Genre: Mainstream Romance: Time Travel, Historical/Period, Interracial/Multicultural

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Ride the Wild Wind
by Kimberly Ivey

Red Rose Publishing
September 1, 2009
Available: September 17, 2009
ISBN #160435416X
EAN #9781604354164
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