"Two truly heartwarming stories!"

This book contains two stories, both of which are about Orchard Valley women who end up marrying Texas men. The first story NORAH takes place in Orchard Valley, Washington. Norah is getting ready for her two older sisters' weddings. Both of her sisters fell in love when they returned to Orchard Valley after their father had a heart attack. Valerie's wedding is first, and then a few weeks later, Steffie will get married. Right about now, Norah is wondering if she will ever find true love. While on duty at the hospital where Norah works as a nurse in the emergency department, Norah is a bit shocked when Valerie's boss, Rowdy Cassidy is brought in after a plane crash. It's rather obvious to the entire hospital staff that the man is used to getting what he wants when he wants it. No one but Norah can handle the man and she ends up being transferred to his floor. Then Norah finds herself falling in love with him, even though she's sure he loves Valerie.

Did Rowdy go to the Orchard Valley to stop Valerie's wedding? Is he in love with Valerie? Will Norah ever find true love?

Our second story, LONE STAR LOVIN' takes place in Texas. After not finding anyone in Orchard Valley she is interested in, physician's assistant and midwife Sherry decides to pack up and move to Pepper, Texas. After all, her best friend Norah moved there after she was married and just loves the state. Since she's two weeks ahead of schedule, Sherry decides to stop in Pepper and get a look around before continuing to visit with Norah in Houston. So she stops at the local café for something cold to drink and a meal. The waitress turns out to be more than friendly and when she finds out Sherry is a physician's assistant, immediately introduces her to the mayor. Well, one thing leads to another and before she knows it, the doctor is heading out for a fishing trip and Sherry gets to start work immediately. Her first appointment is with rancher, Cody. Turns out his wife died when his daughter was very young and he wants advice on dealing with a teenager. Just as she finishes up with Cody, Sherry gets called to deliver a baby. Since Cody knows where the ranch is, he offers to drive her there. After spending the night at Cody's ranch, Sherry is shocked when he proposes to her. After all, Cody is a busy man and just wants to cut to the chase and dispense with all the romance nonsense. Needless to say, Sherry rejects his not generous at all offer even though she is attracted to him.

Will there be a happily ever after for Sherry and Cody? Just how much will the townspeople and Cody's daughter interfere in their relationship? Will Cody be able to give Sherry what she needs in a relationship?

ORCHARD VALLEY BRIDES has two heartwarming stories of love and romance. Once again, Debbie Macomber comes through with her signature romances in both these stories. That's the thing I love about Debbie Macomber, she always writes what she does best—heartwarming stories with a heartfelt sigh at the end. And the best part, there is nothing in these stories I wouldn't want a teenager to read. Whenever I'm feeling in the mood for a lighthearted romance, Debbie Macomber is the one author I always turn to. She is, has been and will always be a "comfort" read. The settings are wonderful, the characters are always believable and true to themselves, and there's always a heartfelt sigh at the end. I highly recommend this book to any lover of romance.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 27, 2010


Norah Bloomfield is feeling a bit unneeded these days. Her father is recovering from his heart attack, and her sisters, Valerie and Stephanie, are busy planning their weddings. But then a cantankerous Texan named Rowdy Cassidy who'd been Valerie's boss.and who'd demanded she marry him. Now he's Norah's patient, and in all her nursing experience she's never encountered a more difficult man. Or a more irresistible one! he still in love with her sister?

When Norah's friend Sherry Waterman leaves Orchard Valley, Oregon, for Pepper, Texas, she's definitely not in the mood for Lone Star Lovin'. But if anyone can change her mind, it's Cody Bailman - a hardworking, good-looking rancher. Not only that, Cody has a twelve-year-old daughter who thinks Sherry's 'just perfect for Dad' !

Texas men are a breed apart.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Omnibus


Orchard Valley Brides
(Orchard Valley Brides: Omnibus)
by Debbie Macomber

MIRA Books
July 1, 2010
Available: July 27, 2010
ISBN #0778328287
EAN #9780778328285
400 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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