"Ten heartwarming stories of love!"

This anthology is comprised of ten short stories written by various authors. There are stories from Mesopotamia through the present day in this anthology.

The first story, NIGHT OF ENCHANTMENT by Cornelia Amiri tells the tale of Arthur's conception. We learn of how very much in love with Ignerna King Uther Pendragon was and how he would do anything to have her, even if only for one night. We also learn of Merlin's enchantment to make Uther appear as Gorlois.

In IF I MAKE IT THROUGH WINTER, Kay Bailey takes us back to the 1850's in Nebraska. We have a widow living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with her young daughter and baby son. One day, she sees an Indian woman being dragged by two men on horseback. Gathering her courage, she manages to rescue the young woman and the two men ride off. When two Indian men come riding up, she is understandably concerned. One of them speaks English and she learns they came after the woman and mean her no harm. In fact, they are grateful for her help. It's fall now and our widow is very worried if she will have enough food to feed herself and her children over the winter. Not long after this incident, she finds a deer at her door and she can tell by the hole in its neck that it was killed by an arrow. Will the widow ever find another man to love? What of the man leaving her food all winter long?

THE MAN IN GRAY by Ellen Dye brings us to the current day and age. Laura Jamison has dreamed of a man in gray ever since she was a child. Lately, she's been dreaming of him more frequently. Not surprisingly, when a carnival comes to town, Laura's best friend Paige insists on going to the fortune teller. Paige even treats. So when Vianne tells Laura she will find her soul mate very shortly, a man in gray, Laura is more than a bit skeptical. But then she begins to question her skepticism as other things Vianne predicted come to pass. Will Laura finally meet her mysterious man in gray?

THE PRINCESS AND THE SCULPTOR by Cornelia Amiri is a story of Mesopotamia in 2800 BC. Mashqu has been dreaming of an enchantress every night. He can smell her scent, see her shapely body, her henna-colored hair, but he has no idea of who she might be. Finally, when he is sent for by the King of Kish to decorate the new palace, Mashqu is ready to leave his home hoping a change of scenery will get the vision of loveliness out of his head. Arriving at Kish by river, Mashqu sees the woman of his dreams bathing. Unfortunately, his lovely enchantress is none other than the king's daughter. Is there a hope of Mashqu winning the fair princess? Will the king allow a lowly sculptor to wed his daughter?

ROMANCE OF MY DREAMS is an anthology dealing with love. We have a bit of everything, from Merlin to fortune telling. This is exactly what it purports to be—a quick entertaining read of romance all by different authors with very different styles set in different times and places. If you're looking for a way to while away an hour or two, this would be the perfect book to pick up.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 26, 2010


Authors and their stories:

Night of Enchantment by Cornelia Amiri

If you love the popular TV show Merlin, you'll love "Night of Enchantment". A warrior, a king, a man in love, Uther Pendragon, with druid magic, breaches the Dark Age fortress of Tintagel. Uther and Igerna's passionate, forbidden love is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Coming of Age by Laurel Lamperd

Sarah's well to do mother wants her daughter to marry a rich man instead of pursuing her dream of training to be a nurse. Along the way Sarah finds the man she loves.

If I Make It Through Winter by Kay Bailey

Jessica didn't know what would happen to her and her children. Her husband was now dead. She knew that Nebraska Territory was no place to raise these children. Not alone. Her intervention between a young Indian girl and the girl's abductors leads to desires and opportunities that Jessica did not even dare dream about.

Third Time's for Keeps by Caitlyn Hunter

Jan and Keith have had two chances at love but mistakes and misunderstandings tore them apart both times. When they meet again over twenty years later, can they put the past behind them and make their third time for keeps?

The Ice Storm by D.K. Christi

A young woman's obsession with her lover haunts her road trip north to visit her parents. Hiking in autumn splendor at Red Top Mountain is followed by danger in a devastating ice storm that blurs the lines between life and death. She reaches across eternity for the arms of her love, but eternity has to wait.

The Man in Gray by Ellen Dye

No-nonsense Laura Jamison has two feet on the ground and no time for the recurring dream she's been having nightly. But, thanks to fate, she's about to learn that sometimes dreams can become reality…

Game, Set, Love Match by Chelle Martin

Tennis fans will enjoy the US Open setting in Flushing Meadows, New York. When a cell phone causes a championship to be lost, can love be found?

Déjà vu byTeresa Leigh Judd

A chance encounter with a beautiful woman in San Francisco haunts a man for twenty five years. He is unable to forget about her. Then one day he sees her picture on a bus placard and at long last is able to find the girl of his dreams.

Adjusting Entries by Susanne Rose

Meghan Durran spent long days working with black-and-white figures that balanced perfectly with time, effort, and a few adjusting entries. If only her love life could be that simple.

The Princess and the Sculptor by Cornelia Amiri

A tale of a love so strong it crosses the class boundaries of ancient Mesopotamia and defies a king. In 2800 BC, a humble sculptor's haunting dream leads him to the love of his life, but could also spell his death


Romance of My Dreams
by Authors Various, Cornelia Amiri, Caitlyn Hunter, Kay Bailey, Ellen Dye

L & L Dreamspell
August 1, 2009
Available: August 8, 2009
ISBN #1603180583
EAN #9781603180580
184 pages
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