"Heartwarming Victorian Romance!"

When Emma was summoned to Chavensworth, she was not pleased. This time, it turns out the housekeeper was the one who summoned her. Turns out the woman found her husband, the Duke of Herridge dead. After the funeral was over, Emma—Duchess of Herridge—returned to her own home in London, where her uncle immediately moved in and installed his own staff, a staff loyal to him and not Emma. Even though her time of mourning isn't over, Emma's uncle has told her she is to marry again. This is the last thing Emma wants to do. After her uncle leaves her, a man comes in through the window. He demands a mirror from Emma, the very one she received from the Duke of Herridge as a marriage gift. Unfortunately, Emma didn't take the mirror with her when she left Chavensworth. When her uncle comes back into the room, the man hides in a wardrobe. When he hits Emma, the man comes out and strikes her uncle, then grabs Emma and leaves the house.

Ian McNair, Earl of Buchane, Laird of Trelawney has three reasons to be in London right now. The first and most important to him, is the dinner with his colleagues to discuss his most recent scientific discoveries. The second reason is to attempt to get the Tulloch mirror from the Duchess of Herridge for his good friend, Lady Sarah, the Duke's daughter from his first marriage. The third reason is the one he dislikes the most, his cousin Bryce. The last thing in Ian's mind when he went to see the Duchess was kidnapping her, but that is exactly what he ended up doing. When he saw Emma's uncle strike her, he could not just allow it to happen, but intervened. Next thing he realized, he was taking her with him when he left the house.

Ian and Emma spend three days together before he returns her to her uncle. Three days of learning each other, being honest with each other, falling in love, and finally passion. Three days of Emma's life when she actually felt wanted for herself, when she didn't have to be anything other than herself. Three days of discovering just who she is.

Will Emma become married again? And who does her uncle want her to marry? Will Emma and Ian find the Tulloch mirror? Will Ian be able to give Emma up?

A HIGHLAND DUCHESS is a very different type of Victorian romance. Karen Ranny does a fantastic job of telling a fascinating tale of life in Victorian England. From Ian's fascination with science and devoting the entire first floor of his home to a laboratory, to Emma's sexual experiences with her husband. The characters are all very realistically portrayed, especially Emma with the way she relates to everything. How she deals with her past by retreating into the Ice Queen her husband thought her, and then coming alive when she's with Ian. I really loved watching Emma come into her own as a person happy with herself. The scenery was also wonderful, especially Lochlaven. Even Ian's garden in London came to life through Karen Ranney's words. This is a fantastic read, complete with heartfelt sigh at the end and one I cannot recommend highly enough.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted September 26, 2010


The beautiful but haughty Duchess of Herridge is known to all the ton as the "Ice Queen." But to Ian McNair, the exquisite Emma is nothing like the rumors. Sensual and passionate, she moves him as no other woman has before. If only she were his wife and not his captive . . .

Little does Emma know that the dark and mysterious stranger who bursts into her bedroom to kidnap her is the powerful Earl of Buchane, and the only man who has been able to see past her proper faÇade. As the Ice Queen's defenses melt under the powerful passion she finds with her handsome captor, she begins to believe that love may be possible. Yet fate has decreed that the dream can never be—for pursuing it means sacrificing everything they hold dear: their honor, their futures . . . and perhaps their lives.


A Highland Duchess
by Karen Ranney

July 1, 2010
Available: July 27, 2010
ISBN #0061771848
EAN #9780061771842
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