"Watch Stephan and Jinissa's love flourish and restore faith"

Jinissa knew she should have turned and walked away. She knew if she acted to save the child, her "gift" would be discovered. Already suspicious of strangers, the townspeople would not react favorably to evidence of witchcraft. But if compassion is to be her downfall so be it, she cannot allow the child to die.

As she had suspected, she is immediately imprisoned. Jinissa is a woman without a country. Her own people fear her because of the circumstances of her birth. She had been sent to Lendiil to spy, in lieu of execution. She had not done her job well. Now she faces torture and execution at the hands of strangers. The people had decided that hanging for witchcraft was much too swift a death. They would add spying to the charges; flogging and branding to the punishment. She is bound and a sigil (collar) is placed around her neck to contain the magic, so that she cannot escape. The sentence is commuted by the arrival of Lord Stephan, who is on a mission from the king. Aside from being the kings closest friend, Lord Stephan has a particular hatred of the Calavrian witches. The blaze that fires in his eyes when he looks upon Jinny makes her wonder if she shouldn't have taken her chances with the villagers. Yet the journey would be a long one and she would take any chance she could get to escape.

Lord Stephan has good reason to despise the Calavrians. He'd been set up by a young witch and been mercilessly beaten without being given an opportunity to explain. He had joined the King's guard as an honorable means to end his life when he'd been befriended by the future king. His honor is above reproach, he will fulfill his promise to King Randell and deliver the witch at all costs.

The journey is long and perilous. Even with the hatred Stephan is compassionate man. After her first attempt to escape, Jinny does not fight her captivity, but does what she can to make the journey pleasant. Before long the blaze is Stephan's eyes is caused by a different emotion. Nature conspires against them. With death certain, Stephan must decide whether to take a leap of faith and release Jinnisa's magic. He knows she will honor her promise to him to face the king for her "crimes", but can Stephan live with the consequences? His honor is on the line, but so is his heart. How can he make such a choice?

It was a pleasure for this reader to watch Stephan and Jinissa's love flourish. The love relationship went beyond the physical, destroying old wounds, and restoring faith. King Randell, the only real secondary character, is a delight as well.

Witch's Journey is pure romance, two people left alone to discover each other's virtues, overcoming prejudice and learning to trust. The tale personifies compassion, the journey is of the heart. A recommended read.

Copyright March 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 21, 2002


When Jinissa uses magic to save a child from a bad fall, she reveals herself as both a Calavrian witch and a spy. In the land of Lendiil magic is regarded as evil and its practicers as hopelessly corrupt. Jinny is convicted of witchcraft and condemned to torture and death.

Before the sentence can be carried out, however, a delegate from the king arrives, announcing that the king wants to question the witch himself. Lord Stephan has been sent to fetch the witch. A long trip over the mountains gives Jinny and Stephan time to get to know each other better. In the face of all the things that should keep them apart, including Stephan's deep and well-founded hatred for her people, they begin to learn the truth about each other and fall in love.

Stephan is an honorable man, loyal to his king, and his feelings for Jinny will cause only conflict. And Jinny, for her part, is determined to escape during the trip, because she's sworn to keep her people's secrets, even though her background ensures that she will never be welcome back in her own country. With so much to keep them apart, is there any chance for Stephan and Jinny to find happiness together?


Witch's Journey
by Karen McCullough

Imajinn Books
December 1, 2002
ISBN #1893896900
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